Wengie Makes Delicious Edible School Supply

Wengie is a lifestyle video blogger on the popular video platform Youtube. A lot of her videos involve different tutorials or tips towards a better lifestyle. In her video ‘DIY Edible School Supplies – 8 Pranks for Back to School,’ Wengie shares with her viewers how to make different edible school supplies. Most of the edibles takes only a minimal amount of supplies and they are really easy to make.


The first project that Wengie shows us how to make is edible crayons. All that is needed for this project is some gelatin, jelly flavors, thick straws and some duct tape. She uses the thick straws as a mold for the crayons. The gelatin and jelly flavors are then prepared and poured into these molds. After the gelatin has settled you simply take it out of the mold and cut it to resemble a crayon.


After it is in the right shape, all you have to do is sharpen it in a clean pencil sharpener to have it resemble real pencil shavings.


One of the other projects that Wengie shows her viewers how to do is to make edible pencil erasers. She starts off by prying out the eraser at the top of an eraser completely. After that she takes some hubba bubba gum. She rolls up some in the size as a normal eraser and then inserts this into the eraser edge of a pencil.




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  1. Another venture that she demonstrates to do is palatable pencil shavings. She begins up with Brazil nuts and basically trims the nut down so as to fit it into a pencil sharpener. It might likely be what superior papers could do to ensure that nothing else might have doing to meet what they know too.

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