Vijay Eswaran Explains How To Be A True Leader

Vijay Eswaran is a businessman from Malaysia who was born in 1960. He leads QI Group, a Hong Kong-headquartered company, as its executive chairman. His company is involved in a wide range of industries including telecommunications, luxury products, travel, and more. He earned his undergraduate degree in the United Kingdom at the London School of Economics. Later on he moved to the United States where he attended Southern Illinois University and earned his MBA in 1986.

As a leader, Vijay Eswaran has advice for others who want to pursue leadership positions. He says that what many people don’t understand is that being a leader doesn’t mean ordering people around. Someone that is a true leader, he says, is someone that knows that to lead is to serve. The concept of this he learned from his father. His father would say, “Service above self” which means that you put others first before yourself as a real leader.

There are 5 Cs when it comes to being a leader, Vijay Eswaran says. The first is to care. If you take care of your employees you know they’ll do their best to take care of the customers of your company. His second C is for clarity of vision. In order to inspire others, he says, you need to have not just a strong vision of what you want to accomplish but also the ability to explain it clearly to your team.

Core values is a C because it defines who you are. He says that the three core values as he sees them are compassion, honesty, and acceptance. Being committed to growth is the fourth C. This means investing in your team and helping the individual members grow not just as employees but also as people. Finally, he says creating a will to sacrifice is the final C. He says that looking at past servant leaders had the responsibility of leading thrown on their shoulders by others. To lead other people you have to make sacrifices in your life, he says, in order to serve the greater good.