Threat of the Incorporated Olympic Valley

With the threat of drought and poor weather the past few years behind them and an early snow fall allowing for an exceptionally early start to the resort season, the north shore communities of Lake Tahoe faced opposition in another arena entirely; an incorporation effort for the Olympic Valley.

Andy Wirth, president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, LLC., had this to say about the proposed incorporation, “This was a fundamental long term threat to operating a business, whether it be a wine bar or a ski area in this valley.”

Supporters of incorporation, turning the area into a legally recognized town, claim that the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings simply feared the local area would be governed by a town council and not the distantly located Placer County Board of Supervisors located in Auburn, CA. Which could have a dramatic impact on how land use issues are resolved in the future.

“My and most other people’s opinion as to why the Ski Holdings spent so much money opposing incorporation is that they did not want local residents (future Town Council) making land use decisions, and instead are counting on influencing the Placer County supervisors, most of whom reside in Sacramento suburbs,” said incorporation drive organizer Fred Ilfield in an email.

The backers of the incorporation effort formally withdrew their from their efforts to incorporate Olympic Valley and now the cohesive community can work on transportation and other issues that go beyond the immediate future.