The Philanthropy Life of Betsy DeVos

Elisabeth ‘Betsy’ DeVos is a renowned leader, and innovator. A shallow research on her history will confirm that she is based in Michigan. By checking on Michigan, it is rare for one to go through without noticing Betsy’s contributions. She is famous for her great contributions to the lives of the people of Michigan. Elisabeth, known to many as Betsy DeVos, has over and over again been associated with charity acts within the city of Michigan, particularly the education sector.

Over a long time, Betsy served as the chair of the pro-school-choice advocacy group American Federation for Children. Under her management, the federation has seen many pro-schools being availed in the cities hence providing parents with many choices to take their children. Together with her husband, Betsy launched the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation ( a foundation that has been involved with uncountable acts of kindness.

In 2010, Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation established the West Michigan Aviation Academy. This particular project was the nation’s first aviation school which interested students attend at no cost. According to Betsy, the aviation academy was a show of her great love for quality education for everyone.

Betsy’s love for art can never go unnoticed. Since 2009, through her foundation, Betsy has been offering financial support to ArtPrize, a competition based in Michigan. Also, in 2010, together with her husband, they donated $22.5 million to Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management which was more than what the center had ever received since establishment. Besides, Betsy has for long been involved with the free-market economics by donating to organizations that promote the free-market.

Forced by the urge to improve the education sector, together with her husband, Betsy launched the Dick & DeVos Scholarship Foundation. The Foundation is known for providing both financial and resource support to students in Northwood University and Thunderbird School of Global Management. Apart from donating to the education sector, Betsy’s love for nature has seen her support environment projects. In 2011, Betsy and her husband gave $500000 to a program meant to study the Lake Macatawa pollution sources.

To many, Betsy is a woman with no limits, her actions speak on her behalf. Today, the billionaire donor, Betsy serves as the chairperson of The Windquest Group, a private firm based in Michigan. Her vast portfolio saw President-elect Donald Trump selecting her as the secretary of education. Betsy DeVos has been involved in politics for more than 35 years serving different positions hence more than qualified to manage the secretary’s position since her political efforts are mostly focused on the education sector.

Betsy attended Holland Christian High School. Upon graduation, she joined the Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She graduated from the institution with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Besides, Betsy is a devoted mother. She is married to Dick DeVos, a successful entrepreneur, activist, and philanthropist. Together, the couple is blessed with four children and five grandchildren. Visit her website here: