The Amazing Life of Greg Secker

The most surprising thing about Greg Secker is that while at the University of Nottingham, he studied agriculture and food sciences. Thomas Cook Financial Services is a company where he was offered a job which is where his financial journey began. He came up with the Virtual Trading Desk which for the record was the 1st online currency trading platform. It’s through this opportunity that he was able to work with different traders by coding their strategies to the system.

His exposure while coding is what made him familiarize himself with how the trading worked. When he got into Forex trading, he realized that you need a unique strategy for each trade. His vast experience is what helped him get a fortune from trading.

Greg’s famous quote is if you can earn any profit, why can’t you make a difference as well? He founded the Greg Secker Foundation whose main aim was focusing on youth empowerment. The foundation seeks to make more people have access to education and learn the skill of Forex trading.

Secker has 17 companies, a hedge fund and a brokerage. His future aim is mainly on coming up with an initiative to help the Filipino towards being successful. Greg has written various books all centered on educating people on how to gain entry into the Forex market.

Greg Secker is an international speaker and has been called on to speak on market channels like CNBC. He has been on the same platform with other well-known speakers like Robert Kiyosaki. His seminars focus on reduction of risk while making more profit.

He had become a multimillionaire in his twenties and currently, one of his companies is considered one of Europe’s best-performing companies. Some of his companies are Capital Index and Learn to Trade where he is the CEO and is involved in the daily activities of the companies.

Greg Secker major motivation towards being a speaker is that he is able to help others as he gives them advice on how to go about the trading to bring in more cash. He is quite a selfless man who gets gratification with helping other people succeed in life.