Success Academy is Indeed an Academic Leader

It was such a delight for the New York City’s leading charter network, Success Academy to be named the winner of $ 250,000 Broad Price. The good news came after the high-performer continued to offer its support to children hailing from low-income families and those of color. It also was able to bridge the achievement gap. The price is given every year to the charter management organizations that have been exceptional and is for the college readiness program. The award was presented at the National Charter Schools Conference held in Washington D.C.


Speaking at the conference while accepting the price, the founder and chief executive officer of Success Academy, Eva Moskowitz said that she does not believe that ZIP has the ability to determine people’s destinies. Her intentions, she said were aimed at showing the world that much is possible for the children if only every individual opts to rethink and reinvent schooling. Eva also revealed her intentions of growing Success Academy from the current 41 schools to 100, serving about 50,000 students. The Success Academy fraternity believes that a school should be a place where kids opt to come to even when they do not have to.


Success Academy is currently the largest charter network in New York City. It serves a total of 14,000 students. 76 percent of the students are from low-income families while 93 percent are Hispanic or African-American. In a period of 10 years, the network has grown from one school to the current 41. The growth has put the system at the helm. It is larger than 95 percent of schools across the US. The school received no less than 17,000 applications in April for the 2017-2018 school year, compared to the 3,017 seats available.


The achievements garnered by the school are as result of the inclusion of teachers, students, and families whose dedication is unrelenting. Nina Rees who is the chief executive officer of National Alliance for Public Charter Schools said that Success Academy served to showcase what an all rounded academic approach is like since it incorporated an innovative approach such as chess and dancing.

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