Having a law degree has paved the way for Sujit Choudhry to have many achievements. He is an internationally known professor who works with different organizations and countries to help create a society that understands and follows law correctly. Also, he extends his skills and knowledge to various institutions where he purposes to inform the young generation on aspects of the law ( .

He has specialized in many fields of law which include constitutional design, law policy, official language policy, and minority and group rights among many others.

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Through his knowledge and skills, he has caused a positive impact in the society and has assisted many to know the law well. Moreover, he helps the public to understand the law through the publications he does such the writing of articles as well as book chapters among others, check

The experience and skills Sujit Choudhry has, has created a lot of channels for him to assist even governments to implement their laws. For this reason, he has worked as the advisor for the constitutional making process and got the opportunity to work as an executive in the International Society of Public Law among others.

Since the issues of law trigger his writings, he recently published on the constitution disintegration. The way the constitution is currently handled symbolizes the mishandling of statute or misunderstanding. The article was as a result of the post on one of the social media platform where the former Attorney General who sees the need for public demonstration due to the removal of a member of the White House Special Counsel.

Sujit Choudhry sees the move as a wrong one and that which displays misuse of the constitutional law. He claims that the public going to demonstrate due to government’s decision is an overpass to the boundary created and makes the government powerless. Moreover, the comment on social media shows the failure of the lawmakers who are meant to be the guide for the people yet using the law for self-interest.

Furthermore, Professor Sujit Choudhry sees the written piece as a sign of constitutional failure ( Political activities underway express the decline of constitutional law. For instance, the comment on the presidential term is seen to be on a personal basis rather than focusing on law. Therefore, the purposes to change the mindset of the public to know and follow the law.