Rocketship Education is the dawn of San Jose

Low income or unemployment is the outcome of poor education in San Jose. This condition can be flipped by working together with all the partners in strengthening the public school. The situation is mostly connected with low-income families. That is why non-profit organizations like Rocketship Education are out to help.

This is a network charter public school, which has been working to create an ecosystem of quality public schools. The corroboration with community organizations, parents, and educators puts San Jose ahead. At the moment, low-income children can learn and get much knowledge in the English language. Learners, who are always will to follow their path to college, are most advantaged. Rocketship Education has helped in opening 25 new public charter schools which are said to be high-performing and serves low-income communities.

Studies conducted by CREDO shows that Rocketship Education has helped English learners and students in San Jose to gain and get more additional learning skills in both reading and math. This is achieved every year that a student or learner attends a school and in particular high performing charter. Because the services given by Rocketship Education charter schools are of high quality, students from outside San Jose are now coming so that they can learn and get prepared for college readiness.

Because of education as valued by many people, that is many prominent people around the world have come together to support it. For instance, Reed Hastings who is the CEO of Netflix gave a contribution worth $100 million which aimed at funding and improving the current standards of education. Priscilla Chan who is the current wife of Mark Zuckerberg has also made a move in sharing their wealth in boosting the value of education.

Facebook has also given engineers who will help in developing Summit Public Schools which are local charter schools. They aim to build personalized learning and study platform which will be used to share information with other schools across the country. The motto of Rocketship Education is work collectively so that they can improve the standards of education and strength innovation. Working as a team will help in changing San Jose and give it a new face regarding education,