Rick Smith Pushes Securus Technologies towards Domination in the Corrections Segment

Securus Technologies Inc., which majors in the provision of criminal justice and civil technology solutions have done well over the years. The company operates under the leadership of its CEO and president, Rick Smith. Rick studied at the University of Rochester where he attained an MBA, and in the State University of New York where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering. He also holds an Associate’s degree from Rochester Institute of Technology. Rick assumed the position of CEO in July 2008. Most people believed that he was the right man for the job due to his education, experience, and drive. He certainly did not disappoint. Securus Technology CEO helped the company forge ahead making it a force to reckon with in the corrections industry. The company has been offering products and services of high quality from year to year. Smith is a man with an extraordinary track record, unique skill set and one heck of an excellent background. In his career line, he has worked in operations, finance, information technology, telecommunications and business development. To add to his work experience, he has excellent leadership skills which make him stand out and more information click here.

From its headquarters in Dallas, Securus Technologies serves a large number of inmates estimating to around one million, two thousand six hundred corrections, public safety agencies and law enforcement organizations in North America. Rick Smith guides the company into the provision of technology and services for emergency response, biometric analysis, investigation, incident management, communications, public information, monitoring and inmate self-service to the corrections community. In July last year, Securus acquired JPay Inc., a top technology company which had earlier introduced educational apps, electronic payments, entertainment apps and email to the corrections space. Jpay was operating in more than thirty prisons at the time it was acquired by Securus Technology. The move was aimed at enabling the company to become the fastest growing firm in the corrections segment and resume him.

The number of people who praise Securus Technologies increases on a daily basis as their services continue to reach more and more people from different places. It is amazing how the company focuses on crime prevention and safety, which are two things that should matter a lot. Innocent people from all over the world are affected by unfortunate circumstances and need the support that Securus Technologies offers. The numerous contributions that the company is making will remain in many peoples’ memories. In fact, in November last year, Smith mentioned about how the company was receiving a huge number of emails and letters full of praise for the company’s efforts. Most of these letters were from customers who were writing to show their appreciation for the company’s continued provision of excellent services. The company will continue to serve those in need of its services in the years to come and maintain the quality in their services and what Rick Smith knows.

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