Raj Fernando’s Team Management Skills

Chicago is the world’s richest city in business opportunities. Currently, Chicago has more than 104 privately owned companies. The companies are recognized among the fast growing enterprises in America. In coming years, the number of companies in Chicago is expected to rise.

One of the main factors that make Chicago an attractive business hub is because of its diversity in companies. Unlike most cities that cling to one industry, Chicago has different enterprises that specialize in various fields like aviation, IT, insurance, healthcare technology, fashion and much more.

Despite the recommendable growth, the CEO of Scoutahead says that the biggest problem facing most investments is poor management. Mainly, most companies use an old employee performance assessment procedure to gauge employee productivity. For this reason, most companies retrench its former employees and replaced them with new hires.

For Raj Fernando, such a performance assessment structure is an inappropriate management approach. The top down qualitative structures often leave out unique talents of an employee. Raj noted that even the managers who used the structures could not agree to be subjected to similar evaluations of their careers.

Raj suggests that the best way to improve employee productivity starts at the recruitment stage. Managers should aim at employing people who are passionate about their job. After selecting passionate employees, managers should be in a position to use each employee’s talent to compose a team with diverse skills. Furthermore, the employees should be trained to learn from one another so as to become efficient.

These are some of the factors that Raj Fernando used to grow his first start up, Chopper Trading. In less than a decade, Chopper Trading grew to a leading trading company, managing an outstanding team that exceeded their customers’ financial and bond trading issues.

Raj Fernando’s skills have developed him into a prominent businessperson in Chicago. He has worked in different trading companies like Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Chicago Board of Trade, US Commodity Trading Futures Commission and Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

Raj believes that passion, teamwork and engaging with like minded people is a stepping stone to the success of any business.

How Talk Fusion Came to Be

Talk Fusion is gaining steam, and it’s all because of one problem that the Founder and CEO, Bob Reina had while trying to send an email to his mother. While looking for potential investment properties, Reina thought it would be nice to capture some good photos of the properties he was looking at. As a result, he wanted to send them to his mother but the files were too large to send. Reina began to look for a way to solve the problem, rather than wait for someone else to come up with the idea. Join TF now!!

Today, Talk Fusion is one of the fastest growing companies in communications, and Reina believes that they will remain competitive in the marketplace in the years to come. While on ABC Action, he was sharing that there is a better way to stay in touch. The company is only nine years old, and their core product is their all-in-one video solution. Reina’s goal was to start and build a company that used cutting edge technology.

The all-in-one marketing platform is designed for personal use as well as for business. The platform is global, which means that it can be used anywhere in the world. The benefits of using this product are numerous, including video chat communication, sending emails, doing live broadcasts, and online conferences. Reina spoke of global support, which means that Talk Fusion is growing all over the world.

Reina’s background is in law enforcement, but his desire to make communications easier has flourished. As a result, more businesses are able to hold meetings anytime, anywhere in the world. Reina is proud to say that they offer a 30-day free trial, so users can decide if it’s right for them. Additionally, Reina has been giving back to help animals in shelters.

The Highland Capital Management’s Mission of Bettering the Communities in North Texas

James Dondero is the current president of the Highland Capital Management, which he also co-founded. The headquarters of the company are located in Dallas, Texas, and the major solution that it offers is investment guidance. It is one of the top and knowledgeable alternative investment administrators. Dondero is has been actively giving back to the community. His enterprise is multinational, and most of his donations are local.

According to him, his firm needs an associate to assist in running the annual social responsibility budget that has been increased to approximately $3 million. They have therefore partnered with The Dallas Foundation through it chief executive officer and president, Mary Jalonick. The organization has ample skills in the management of philanthropic undertakings. It was chosen due to its good reputation in the provision of nonprofit services in the North Texas region. Mary and Mr. Dondero have created policies for offering donations to form a structure that is ambitious, bold, and efficient. This strategy led to the creation of the Highland Dallas Foundation Inc., which will be facilitating The Dallas Foundation.

James Dondero has been donating to enhance education, veteran, and healthcare undertakings among the people of Dallas. His step of collaborating with The Dallas Foundation will assist in the growth of these charitable activities to various public institutions such as The Bush Presidential Library, The Dallas Zoo, and The Perot Museum. The entrepreneurship skills of Mr. Dondero support his generous plans of offering donations for a couple of years. According to Mary Jalonick, the nature of contributions that he plans to offer are rare, and they are crucial in facilitating the undertaking of nonprofit institutions since they provide a reliable source of income.

Jim joined efforts with The Dallas Foundation and employed Linda Owen, who was the chief executive officer and the president of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. Linda is mainly dedicated to serving the Highland Dallas Foundation Inc., and she joins the vision of Mr. Dondero with the charitable associates who enhance the living standards in North Texas. Jim believes that the leadership skills, experience, and relationships that Linda has in the community will allow the organization to bring a positive change to the North Texas people.

John Goullet Bio: success story of Diversant Principal

Goullet has been in the IT field since he graduated from Ursinus College. He is highly skilled in information system staffing and information technology. After graduation, he first worked as an IT consultant until he found a firm that offers Info Technologies. Today he services as the principal of Diversant Solutions.

John has a dedication to learning the environment where his clients work so as to know the kind of staffing solutions to create. He additionally has a great vision that Diversant should become the leading in innovation, IT and to develop more solutions related to the field. During his work as CEO of Info Technologies, Goullet served as a great entrepreneur. He is still is highly venturous in the entrepreneurship sector. System staffing and IT has been his best of passion. He has been developing his skills since he started working in 1994.

His Colleagues at Diversant see him as the perfect principal. He has excellent communication skills with clients and employees. When it comes to dealing with emerging trends in the IT sector, John has always been ahead. His passion continues to grow; he looks forward to developing diversification in this industry which keeps growing day in day out. John has been successful and has made millions of profit from the Info technologies firm. Additionally, he has made millions of profit from Info Technologies company. He has received awards and has been recognized by Magazine Inc. Diversant is an African-American owned and continues to hit the ground with innovative developments from Goullet.

John Goullet is simply an innovator who has been highly successful in his business and the IT industry. His business model has always focused on understanding the corporate world and providing IT staffing requirements. His personality, work style and a set of skills have always matched Diversant’s quality services.

John was the CEO of Info Technologies started in 1994. The firm has grown to offer IT solutions to several Fortune 500 companies. The company grew to a massive worth of 30 million dollars in a short span of five years. It earned the company an eight position in the Inc. Magazine’s list of top 500 rising businesses in the private business within the United States.

David Osio Knows The Tricks To Real Estate Investing

Many people out there want to know the tricks behind becoming successful and building wealth for their futures. One of the ways of doing this is through real estate and proper investing. In order to start investing, people think a ton of money is required or really had to build up to get started, but that is not always the case. There are many property’s and investments deals out there that are going are high discounts. This is a great example of how David Osio got started investing in real estate out in South America. With very little to no financial supports, David still managed to build his business up slowly and today he is one of the richest people in the country. This is the power of staying dedicated and building slowly.

Investing in real estate is not as complicated as most people assume that it is. There are a lot of ways to buy property and it is pretty simple in the sense that a property is bought and then it produces cash til it appreciates enough to be sold. In many cases, property’s are just bought to produce a cash flow and then this is compounded on with lots of properties. This is usually done with lower quality real estate that will not appreciate in value much over time. David Osio spent a lot of time purchasing many properties during the low time in Venezuela to make high profits when they go back up.

One of the biggest aspects in real estate is having the proper financing for the investments. There are many different ideas on this subject, because there are many people out there that want to take advantage of the banks as much as they can. However, getting financed through a typical bank is not that simple, and building up too much leverage can be a bad thing, mainly if the economy crashes, which would be the worst. Often times, people do not consider all of the risks coming along with being in debt in these cases.

Looking forward, David Osio plans on building himself and his business even more, maintaining an image of inspiration for others who are looking to start investing in either real estate or building a company.

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Make Money From the Stock Market With Jim Hunt’s System

Jim Hunt, advisor to VTA Publications, has recently uncovered a new strategy for taking advantage of a falling stock market in order to make money. He named this strategy the Wealth Wave, because Hunt describes it as a surfing maneuver. Part of the strategy involves educating people about what happens to money during a market crash, and that is, that it isn’t eliminated, but moved to a different institution or group of people.

VTA Publications works to make it easy for anyone to make money from the stock market, even if they have no experience. Jim Hunt and his colleagues are available to help people to make the most of stock market activity so that they can make real money that can make a difference in their lives. Whether you need help via e-mail or over the phone, Jim Hunt can assist you. Customers can learn all they need to know to make money using Jim Hunt’s Wealth Wave strategy through a number of online learning modules and DVDs.

No one should be concerned that they can’t make money from the stock market. With Jim Hunt’s knowledge, they too can make money using these easy instructions.

VTA Publications makes available distance-learning courses pertaining to important financial topics. We make it easy for anyone to understand these topics through our employment of knowledgeable specialists. We have been doing this work since 2012 and we are proud of our track record of being able to bring you these educational materials.

Three Ways Investment Banking is Helping People Profit

In the modern day economy, things are looking up. Growth is increasing, and so is opportunity. However, there is also risk and the costs associated with making the wrong decisions. There are a number of benefits of using investment banking to invest:

First, you get more access to international capital. Bankers like Martin Lustgarten help investors access funds and instruments that other firms simply don’t have the capital or clearance to tap into. When you go after international markets, you can achieve greater growth.

Security is the second way that investment banking is helping people. Instead of going with a small one-man operation, you are protected. Investment banks have security overviews and invest heavily in systems to ensure your finances and data are always the top priority.

Syndication is the third reason investment banking is popular. The right choice for someone looking to raise money for their business is an investment banker. They have a large contact base of investors to pool in more funds.

In this global economy, stability is increasing. However, there is also opportunity and risk. If you are an investor, you should focus on growing your wealth with experts like Martin Lustgarten, an investment banker. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of expertise without the pitfalls of the financial industry.

About Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is a dual citizen of Venezuela and Austria. He has used his citizenship status strategically to help his clients for over 20 years. He believes in investing internationally. Because of that, he spreads his wealth among various countries. This lets him limit his downside risk while at the same time securing benefits from local economic growth. He has a sharp sense for the market, and is always watching it. This way, he can strike quickly when he sees a quality opportunity, especially if the market makes a good downturn.

Martin is a great role model for investors. He works hard to win the best investments, but also sees trends before it’s too late. His intelligence and work ethic means that other investors often copy his strategies. Those who wish to retire wealthy should follow Lustgarten, as he diversifies in a global portfolio.

George Soros & The Financial Support Rumor about Black Lives Matter

In August 2015, The Daily Beast reported about a rumor mill stewing lately about George Soros giving $33 million to #BlackLivesMatter, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. According to Ken Zimmerman, a director of Soros’s Open Society Foundations(OSF), mainstream outlets and conspiracy theorists have pushed these rumors. He said that the Soros didn’t give money to the three activists who started #BlackLivesMatter on Twitter, who are Opal Tometi, Alicia Garza, and Patrisse Cullors. Some writers suspected that Soros’s fundraising that lasted for a year in support of Hillary Clinton may be connected to two of Bernie Sanders’ speeches that were shut down a month earlier.

Ken Zimmerman also stated that Soros doesn’t pay for protests, per se. He also stated that their grant making process is constantly looking for new voices that range from immigration to criminal justice reform at https://www.neweurope.eu/author/george-soros/. Additionally, Zimmerman stated his organization has made monetary donations to groups working on Black Lives Matter movement, and they helped organize a discussion with actor Danny Glover and #BlackLivesMatter co-founder, Patrisse Cullors. On the other hand, Bill O’Reilly stated that George Soros is funding affiliates of Black Lives Matter along with Jay Z and Beyonc. For more information from The Daily Beast, click here.

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About George Soros’s Charitable Organization, The Open Society Foundations

The Open Society Foundations was found in 1979 by its chairman and founder, George Soros. This organization consists of a network of foundations, projects, and partners in over 100 countries. He’s committed to the idea of open society in which there is no monopolization, government is held accountable, and rights are respected.

In 1979, George Soros started his philanthropy efforts by allotting scholarships to blacks under apartheid in South Africa. During the 1980s, Soros provided Xerox machines in order to copy banned texts in order to undermine Communism within the Eastern Bloc, and he supported the West with cultural exchanges. The creation of the Central European University in the promotion of critical thinking started after the falling of the Berlin Wall through his organization. His foundations have also done various philanthropic efforts for Asia, Africa, and the United States. Additionally, George Soros assisted in helping to establish an international system for bringing accountability and transparency to the industries of natural resource extraction, and he supported different independent organizations, such as the Institute for New Economic Thinking, the European Council on Foreign Relations, the International Crisis Group, and Global Witness.

Why Venezuela Needs Leaders Like Jose Manuel Gonzalez

It is quite difficult to find leaders who have their ability to speak their mind without being swayed or compromised. Venezuelans are lucky to have such a leader in one Jose Manuel Gonzalez. The Guárico State native has gained massive popularity due to his ability to speak out fearlessly about issues that face Venezuelans, more so farmers. By virtue of this, he has amassed a large following, with many seeing him as someone who is capable of leading the country in coming years.

Mr. Gonzales shot to national prominence after being elected to the helm of FERECAMARA, which is one of the most popular trade unions in Venezuela. While serving as the organization’s president, he was vocal in addressing challenges that face farmers. He became notable for fearlessly criticizing the government over its apparent inaction in addressing challenges faced by farmers. According to him, successive governments have failed to show their dedication towards rescuing Venezuelan farmers from perpetual poverty. Being a farmer himself, Jose Manuel fully understands the importance of improving the agricultural sector.

Besides advocating for the review of agriculture policies in Venezuela, Mr. Gonzalez has equally been critical of the coalition government of the day. According to him, the government is deeply divided along political affiliations, a situation that has greatly weakened it. Senior government officials and members of the ruling class have lost touch with the country’s citizens. This explains why most legislations that are passed do not put into consideration millions of farmers who dot the country. In addition, the government has been hesitant to act on insecurity, something that has given criminal gangs a leeway to carry out their illegal activities unabated. Killings and kidnappings are reported everyday but no action is taken.

Important Notes about Mr. Gonzalez

The outspoken leader is a deputy, representing Guárico state in the Venezuelan national assembly. He is known for his firebrand and outspoken nature of politics, which has won him admirers throughout the country. Jose has distinguished himself as a selfless defender of farmers, and uses each opportunity that he gets to highlight their plight. His rise from relative obscurity to national prominence has also made him an inspirational figure to hopeful leaders.

Stephan P. Murray was a Force in the Private Equity Industry

Stephen P. Murray was the president and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CCMP Capital. He was the co-founder of CCMP in 2006. His college career included earning a degree in economics from Boston College in 1984 and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration in 1989 from Colombia Business School.

Murray’s journey to the top began in 1984 when he was named to the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation credit analyst training program. After a successful completion of the program, Murray moved onto MH Equity in 1989. MH Equity was a combination of the company’s private equity division and its leveraged finance unit.

A number of mergers and acquisitions followed including Chemical Bank purchasing Manufacturers Hanover Corporation in 1991 and MH Equity merging with Chemical Venture Partners. In 1996, Chemical Bank merged with Chase Manhattan Corporation while Chemical Venture’s Partners morphed into Chase Capital Partners.

Murray held varying positions with these companies throughout the mergers and acquisitions and in 2005 Murray took over as the head of buyout at JP Morgan Partners.

In 2006, CCMP was a spin-off of JP Morgan Chase. It contained the growth equity and buyout team of its private equity group. In 2007, Murray was named CEO of CCMP Capital.

As CEO, Stephen Murray led the company with passion and commitment to the private equity industry. He developed solutions for clients that met their goals and he inspired his team to do the same. He was an influential thinker and problem solver made many contributions to his field throughout his entire career.

He also served on the boards of several major corporations including Pinnacle Foods, The Vitamin Shoppe, Legacy Hospital Partners and Ollie’s Bargain Outlet. His presence on those boards helped these companies remain strong and experience positive growth.

Murray made it his mission in life to help others. He was interested in doing something for others that would impact their lives positively. He was an enthusiastic supporter of the Make – A – Wish Foundation of Metro, New York, the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, Stamford Museum, as well as serving on boards at Boston College and Columbia Business School. He was not only a financial supporter of the organizations, but was involved personally.

Murray inspired others, family, friends and business associates to find a philanthropic passion and support it. Giving back is important, as it helps to build stronger neighborhoods and community and strength in community often translates to an uptick in the economy.

Murray passed away at the age of 52 in 2015 and left a mission for others to fulfill.

Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/01/realestate/west-village-townhouse-for-17-million.html?_r=0