Sujit Choudhry – Promoting The Growth And Understanding Of Comparative Law Globally

Comparative law is one of the most important legislation in today’s world because it helps the legal experts to constitute the legal framework when two countries are engaging in an active partnership. It helps in the formation of a common legal platform through which different countries can work with each other without causing any discrepancies in their respective countries.

It is important for the countries to work together to advance their social and economic status and help their population to progress. In many cases, the age old laws come in and act as an obstacle for different countries to work on various issues together. The comparative law helps in understanding what the differences and similarities in the legal systems that are followed across the globe are. In a way, it helps in understanding what can be done to bridge the differences that exist in the jurisdictions of different countries, so a common passage can be created that would make collaboration between countries possible.

The comparative law also helps the government and the constitution to make necessary amendments with time. It is because comparative law helps in pinpointing the clauses that are coming in the way of globalization and modernization. As with everything else, the legal systems need to evolve as well with time to remain progressive. The comparative law would help the governments to understand the flaws in the current system so that crucial issues can be raised and essential bills for amendment are passed.

Sujit Choudhry is one of the most well-known names in the world of Comparative Law and is widely recognized in the field. He is the co-founder of Center of Constitutional Transitions, which is a University Center that is deeply involved with researching on and mobilizing the principles of comparative law. He is a consultant at World Bank Institute and is also a member of the United Nations Mediation Roster. Check this link.

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According to, he has played, a vital role in the formation of a constitution for many countries, such as Sri Lanka, Nepal, Jordan, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, and South Africa. He has done intense research on comparative law and has written numerous globally recognized articles on a comparative law that are published in various reputed law journals, check out more. Sujit Choudhry was also awarded as the Practitioner of the year in 2011 by South Asian Bar Association of Toronto. He has in past work for NYU School of Law and is currently the dean of law at Berkeley College. He is consulted by many international authorities and organizations when it comes to comparative law. View works.bepress.

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A Comprehensive Overview of Comparative Law

Comparative law entails the study of similarities and disparities between the law of varying countries. More precisely, it deals with the study of different legal systems available in the world such as Civil law, Jewish law, Hindu law, Chinese law and Islamic law. Over the years, the importance of studying comparative law has increased significantly. This is owned to the up rise of various complexities such as democratization, internationalism and democratization.


The 18th century Europe is widely associated with the origin of modern day comparative law. Over time, different disciplines have cropped up as separate subgroups of comparative law. Some of these branches include comparative criminal law, comparative commercial law, comparative administrative law, comparative constitutional law and comparative civil law. Studies involving the different branches can be perceived as either micro or macro-comparative legal analysis. Here are some of the benefits or uses of comparative law.


  • To better the already existing legal systems
  • To gain more knowledge of the existing legal systems
  • To aid the unification of legal systems, whether of a larger or smaller scale.


Comparative law is considered different from other legal fields such as international law. Nonetheless, it aids in informing all the various areas of normativity. Additionally, comparative law can be applied to private international law, especially when it comes to developing an approach to interpretation during conflict analysis. It can also avail insights into various issues such as legal transplants.  Useful reference about the subject on


About Sujit Choudhry


Sujit Choudhry is a globally renowned authority on comparative constitutional development and comparative constitutional law. Other than that, he is a former dean of Berkeley Law and is currently the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law. Before joining the Berkeley Law, Sujit Choudhry held other roles such as Scholl Chair at the Faculty of Law, University of Toronto and Cecilia Goetz Professor of Law at NYU School of Law. Additionally, Sujit has served in other capacities including being a consultant to the World Bank Institute and a member of the Governing Toronto Advisory Panel.

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Choudhry has also made a name for himself as an author. In fact, he has published more than ninety book chapters, articles, working papers and reports. Some of his edited pieces include The Oxford Handbook of Indian Constitutional Law (Oxford, forthcoming), The Migration of the Constitutional Ideas (Cambridge, 2006) and Constitutional Making (Edward Elgar, forthcoming). He is also a member of several bodies including the Editorial Board of the Constitutional Court Review and the Executive Committee of the International Society of Public Law among many others.

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Diversant Principal John Goullet

Diversant is a leading technology staffing firm that helps a number of companies look for and hire the most qualified technology professionals. Along with helping companies, Diversant also helps technology professionals look for job opportunities that allow them to advance their career and reach their career goals. One of the things that makes Diversant among the top staffing firms in the technology industry is its core values. The firm emphasizes diversity, discipline and teamwork. With these values, Diversant has been able to effectively help both companies and technology professionals reach their goals when it comes to getting the ideal employment arrangement.

The staffing firm Diversant is run by an individual named John Goullet. He is a longtime professional in the technology who brings his expertise and experience to the firm. Over the course of many years, Goullet has provided guidance and direction for the firm in order to help it establish itself as on of the leading technology staffing firms in the industry. Part of what John has emphasized in his leadership is to follow the firm’s core values. Everyday, he encourages his staff to work together to reach various goals that the firm has set. Along with teamwork, John believes that the staff must work with a number of different companies and technology professionals. Goullet believes that the firm should help companies in a variety of industries and technology professionals who have different skills and experience levels.

Before John became the principal of Diversant, he worked as an employee for a number of computing companies as a consultant. During this time, Goullet would frequently make recommendations on hardware and software that would most benefit his employers. He proved to be very successful and become a valuable asset for the companies he worked for. By the middle of the 1990’s, John would begin pursuing entrepreneurship. He found out that many companies were looking to hire skilled technology workers. As a result he would start up his own staffing firm. He would use his firm to help these companies find the most skilled technology workers to fill needed positions. John would eventually merge his firm with Diversant.



Eric Lefkofsky Starting a Business


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Eric Lefkofsky


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Next Steps


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Whitney Wolfe Brings a Rebellious Spirit to Dating App World

Whitney Wolfe is making things happen in the dating at world. She is not someone that is sitting back and resting on the knowledge that she has gained from the first dating app that she helped start called Tinder. There are still some elements that are similar to Tinder that people can look forward to, but the app that Whitney Wolfe is bringing to the table this time has a unique twist.

This app is called Bumble and it puts the ball in the woman’s court. This really is one of the best things when it comes to dating apps like this because it just provides a different type of environment for people that are serious about getting to know someone soon.

Whitney Wolfe is more than a rebel inside of the dating app world. She is also someone that has become a technology rebel in terms of where she is located. A lot of big-name companies that have dating apps are located in New York or California. Whitney Wolfe, by contrast, has decided to make her home in Texas. This is where the office for the Bumble company that she created is located. Whitney had already gone to school in Texas, and she stated that she loved her time in school here. She decided to do something different from what the other dating app executives were doing in the states of California and New York. She wanted to move to her own area and develop her own concept.

Whitney Wolfe is still very young, so there are a lot of people that are not even aware of her presence in the industry yet. It will not take long, however, because she has presented herself as a strong force that is willing to go against the grain for dating apps.

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The Life and Contributions of Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is a renown champion for human rights and film production. He is the founder of Oslo Freedom Forum, an annual event where human rights activists, business leaders, and other leaders around the world converge to deliberate and share their experiences. The discussions involve strategies that can enhance human freedom, which is pivotal to the realization of full human potential. He also serves as the president and CEO of Human Rights Foundation, a non-profit organization he founded in the year 2005 with an agenda to protect and promote human rights across the globe.

Through his foundation, Thor Halvorssen works passionately towards achieving universal human rights freedom. It’s for this reason that he has immensely condemned the acts of countries that have continued to oppress their citizens. His efforts of fighting for the rights of others have not been received warmly by these oppressive countries; in some instances, he has ended up in prison or suffered torture. Governments and individuals have also derailed Thor’s efforts with constant threats. Halvorssen acknowledges that threats do not weaken his activism; he rather views them as an indicator that he is performing his duties.

As the CEO of Human Rights Foundation, Halvorssen has relentlessly launched numerous human rights advocacy campaigns. Notably, the foundation mounted pressure on Chinese authorities to free Liu Xiaobo whose imprisonment was politically instigated. Halvorssen, has constantly faulted president Yoweri Museveni of Uganda for pushing the enactment of laws supporting death penalty for homosexuals. Also, Halvorssen turned the spotlight to Augusto Pinochet and president Ramzan Kadyrov for abusing human rights. His advocacy campaigns have also been felt in Venezuela, Vietnam, Cuba, and Bolivia.

Apart from working as a director of Human Rights Foundation, Thor also doubles up as a film producer. He has been extensively involved in the production of films that are mainly inclined to his passion for human rights. Among the many films he has produced include: “Hammer & Tickle”, “Freedom’s Fury” (with a story that revolves around a dictatorship rebellion in Hungary), “The Singing Revolution”, “Indoctrinate U”, “The Sugar Babies”, “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress”, and many others. Most of these films have won him several awards.

The Positive Influence of Patty Rocklage

Family and marriage counselor, Patty Rocklage is a well-known psychotherapist that helps individuals, couples, and families get through difficult times. Her work as a family and marriage counselor as well as her contributions to other organizations and functions shows how what she has achieved. Looking at what she has accomplished by herself and with her husband, Scott Rocklage, addresses her positive influence over others,


A graduate of University of Southern California in 1981, Patty Rocklage decided to pursue a practice as a psychotherapist in Boston, Massachusetts. With now over 20 years of experience in this field, she proves that is capable and accomplished in helping others that struggle through life. Her LinkedIn page offers some insight into what she’s fully capable of in her field. Her profile shows different associates endorsing her for teaching, team building, community outreach, and coaching. This is her positive influence over others. It identifies her as an individual who has a desire to help others.


An article in also addresses Patty Rocklage as well as her husband’s major gift. To be more specific, their major gift was assisting in the costs of renovating lab space for different professors in a building at MIT. The article mentions that Scott Rocklage, who earned his PhD at MIT, carried out his studies in the department of chemistry. The end of the article tells of how Scott and Patty Rocklage are willing to contribute more funds to help renovate the department of chemistry. This article demonstrates the value of Scott and Patty Rocklage.


Patty Rocklage’s success in her work as a family and marriage counselor as well as what she jointly does with her husband offers some insight into her accomplishments. Her and her husbands success has led to them renovating their home through Sudbury Companies. An article in about Patty and Scott Rocklage offered some insight into what their success has brought them, providing them with the opportunity to renovate their home in a luxurious way. Patty Rocklage’s successful endeavors provides a better understanding of how she helps others, by being a positive influence over others.