As We Expand With Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum is an expert entrepreneur and investor. Jim has been a great contributor to medicine since he has specialized in genetic epidemiology, clinical immunology, and clinical pharmacology. Jim Tananbaum is also proficient in artificial intelligence, natural science, computing in mathematics, as well as in algorithms. However, his success in the above discipline might not have come easy in the absence of his brilliant mind. To date, Jim boasts of an MBA from Harvard Business School, an MD from the Harvard Medical School, and a Master of Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He also possesses education accolades from Yale University. Using his skills and knowledge, Jim has been able to bring success to companies like GelTex, Sierra Ventures, Theravance, and Prospect Venture Partners. Moredetails can be found on Speakerpedia.

Over the years, he has partnered with other individuals to create companies. However, it is in 2010 that he decided to come up with Foresite Capital Management, an organization meant for healthcare investment and funding. Since then, he has been working in his corporation as its CEO. In the few years of existence, Foresite has been able to bring on board employees with a lot of experience. It is only recently that Foresite Capital hired Dr. Molly He, an individual with more than fifteen years of experience in pharmaceutical development and genomic research. Dr. He is a prominent doctor with global recognition due to her unmatched skills in the disciplines mentioned above. Thus, Jim Tananbaum knows that Dr. Molly will be a great addition to his team. In the course of two decades, Molly has been able to author more than twenty papers and twenty patent applications all that have undergone publishing.

Therefore, Dr. Molly’s skills and qualifications are unparalleled. She currently holds a B.A. in Biochemistry, a subject she studied at Nankai University. In an article on Biz Journals, Dr. He also has a Ph.D. in Protein Biophysics from the prestigious University of California. Taking a look at her lifelong career, we get a glimpse of how much Dr. Molly has exhibited determination in her work. As she comes to Foresite Capital Management, she will bring a lot of transformations in medical management and research.

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Goettl Air Conditioning Goes the Extra Mile

Goettle Air Conditioning was founded in 1939 and is still in business, going strong with offices located in Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Tucson. The company was the first to introduce the evaporative air cooling system as well as refrigerated air conditioning to the desert, much to the joy of desert dwellers.


Goettl also likes to make sure that community service is one of the features of their normal operations in addition to providing heating and air conditioning installation, repair, and service, along with air quality control, HVAC for businesses, and plumbing services.


It seems that a local Las Vegas family was doing without a working heating and air conditioning system as well as having a non-working toilet. There were two teenage daughters in the family. Michael Gamst, the manager of the Las Vegas office quickly gathered together several workers and went to visit the family.


They installed a brand-new heating and air conditioning system as well as a working toilet for the family, free of charge. Gamst said that the value of good relationships with the community is an important factor of Goettl’s overall plan and that no family should have to withstand the rigors that this family had been going through.


This all had occurred around Christmas time so the workers at Goettl along with a nonprofit organization called Triple5teens also donated gifts to the family.


The units that were installed were “Zone Controlled Heating” units where each room is temperature controlled. This effects great savings in heating and cooling costs because each room has its temperature control. With this type of system, the whole house doesn’t have to be heated or cooled, but each room can be set for its temperature. This method of temperature control will probably cut the family’s energy costs in half, Gamst reported when asked.


The Value of Technology in Marketing

Marketing is a changing field that a lot of people are excited about. In the coming years, there will be more people than ever before who are ready and willing to start working on a plan to add value to others in this area. Talk Fusion is a company that specializes in marketing and technology, so they are a natural fit to talk about in this area. Over the years, the company has provided great customer service to companies that hire them for marketing help. A lot of companies struggle with marketing to younger clients in today’s economy. Now is a great time to get started in this area if you are ready to take your life to the next level.


Talk Fusion


From the time that the company started out, the leaders have been focused on sustaining a high level of growth. During that time, the company has invested in many areas of the economy. These investments are going to continue, and they are excited about what is coming in the years ahead in a variety of ways. Not only that, but Talk Fusion is a great company for people who want to help others with their business. The CEO recently went to talk to a variety of large companies about the transition that is going to go on in the economy with new technology. The companies that embrace and invest in the new technology and those that are going to succeed at a high level in a variety of ways.


The Accomplishments of Clay B. Siegall in the Pharmaceuticals Sector

Clay B. Siegall is a renowned science expert who has spent most of his career conducting research on cancer and genetics. He holds a Ph.D. in Genetic from the George Washington University. Siegall has had a successful career as a researcher, and he is the co-founder of Seattle Genetics. He currently acts as the president of the corporation. Seattle Genetics was established in 1998, and its primary goal is to conduct research, develop new drugs, and also make unique scientific discoveries. Clay has been striving to ensure that the company develops the best medications that can be used in curing cancer. He has been guiding the business in the development and manufacture of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). Seattle Genetics created its first FDA-licensed drug in 2011, and it was known as ADCETRIS®. The company has currently partnered with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company to distribute the drugs in more than 65 countries where it is accepted. Clay has been leading the researchers at his firm in developing better ADCs.


Dr. Seigall has led Seattle Genetics in manufacturing and supplying its drugs across the globe by ensuring that it acquires all the strategic licenses that are required. The major drugs that are sold the firm include AbbVie, Genentech, GlaxoSmithKline, and Pfizer. The company has managed to generate profits of more than $350 million from the supply of its ADCs. Its top notch technology has been used in the manufacture of 20 different types of ADCs. The company has been partnering with various pharmaceutical corporations to assist in the external production of its drugs. The financing strategies that have been established by Clay Siegall have enabled Seattle Genetics to secure over $1.2 billion from investors.


Before the establishment of the Seattle Genetics, Clay served at various leading pharmaceutical firms. His first job was at the National Cancer Institute, and after a few years, he got a better position at Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. He has also served on the boards of Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, Washington Roundtable, and BioPharmaceutica. Siegall is passionate about his research work and holds over 15 patents for his innovations. He also owns over 70 publications that are used for academic and professional reference.


Sawyer Howitt Business

Being a business owner is a lot of hard work. Not only is the work tough, but you have to be able to take a risk and make the right choices for your current situation. With all of the changes that are going on in this area, you need a plan for how you are going to start out and start making money. Sawyer Howitt is one of the leading business owners in his area and he wants to help as many people as possible. Click Here for more.

Financial Planning

One of the most important parts of financial planning is learning how to help other people in this area. With all of the things that go into a business, you need to work on a plan that is going to make sense for the future. You must balance the capital needs of the present and the future in order to succeed. Many people are ready and willing to help other people in this area if you will just ask. Sawyer Howitt has had a lot of success in his life and his business with the work that he is doing. Over time, Sawyer Howitt is ready to see what those people can do in order to have success.


Boraie LLC’s Atlantic City and Newark Projects Creating a Better New Jersey

New Jersey has had a bad reputation in the past and this is often because the media only shows people from New Jersey that talk and act like Fran Drescher. Others have even labeled this state as “Dirty Jersey” and believe what they see when watching infamous reality shows like Real Housewives of New Jersey or Jersey Shore, which do nothing but reinforce this false belief. In addition, cities like Atlantic City and Newark have taken punishment because of this negative view of the state.

Thanks to Sam Boraie and his real estate development company, Boraie Development LLC, the days of dirty Jersey are gone and life in the Garden State is getting better by the day. This is because Sam has held on to a vision to create a better New Jersey and he has already started with projects in both cities that will transform the landscape and promote prosperity and changed attitudes.

Cityplex 12

Launched in Newark, Cityplex 12 is part of Sam’s vision to revitalize Newark. This is the first urban movie theater concept that was entirely derived from private ownership. In partnership with NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal and Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group, Sam has already taken steps to make Newark a better place for people to live with this project which was a renovation of a 4-acre parcel into a state-of-the-art retail destination.

It includes 12 screens that provide 3-D and digital quality for Newark moviegoers. Best of all, this project is a part of Sam’s vision to improve the city of Newark one project at a time. This was done since it also served as a catalyst project which spurred over $200 million future development for Newark’s Springfield Avenue Corridor.

Changing Downtown Newark Forever

The partnership with Shaquille O’Neal did not stop with Cineplex 12. Since the NBA star was born in Newark and spent most of his childhood there, he shares the same vision as Sam to create a better city and eliminate the bad reputation it had before; especially in the city’s downtown area. This was done with the groundbreaking of a 23-story, 169-unit apartment building on Rector Street.

This partnership was the first of its kind in 50 years which took a very run-down historical building and transformed it to create growth in residential investment in the city of Newark. This building now stands as a powerful symbol for the city’s future and follows Sam’s vision to make Newark a better place for urban living.

Atlantic City Gets Rejuvenated

Much like Newark, Atlantic City also needed rejuvenation and rebuilding. Sam made this happen with a groundbreaking on his other latest project: The Beach at South Inlet. Located just steps away from the boardwalk and the Atlantic Ocean, this 250 residential unit project has changed the landscape of the South Inlet section of Atlantic City to provide exceptional urban living with luxurious amenities. Click here to know more.

A Better Jersey Every Day

With every project Sam launches, he is focusing on his vision to create a better New Jersey every day. This renowned developer has taken a personal responsibility to erase the stereotypes and negative views of his beloved state through entrepreneurial and innovative approaches that will not only develop better urban communities and spur new economic growth in New Jersey, but also improve the lives of thousands of New Jersey residents.

How Blogs Can Help With Online Reputation Management

One thing that people need to do in order to bring improvements to their online reputation is start a blog. For one thing, blogs are the types of websites that allow people to constantly add content. Therefore, when people are constantly writing on their blog, they are actually bringing forth content that could be optimized for search engines. The only thing is that the same principles apply to blogs that apply to static websites. People need to spread awareness and bring links back to the blog so that it will rank high on search engines. However, there is one advantage that blogs have over a regular website.

One advantage that bloggers get to enjoy is that the search engines are more willing to rank blog posts than regular websites. Therefore, one does not have to do as much work on SEO when it comes to their blogs. All that needs to happen is that they rank their blogs high on search results, and then they can connect their blog to their website. This is one of the best ways to gain traffic to their sites. At the same time, it is good for their online reputation.

One good thing about blogs is that they are very easy to set up. Also, one is free to write about anything he wants. However, he has to think about his reputation before he starts to write a blog post. One thing he does not want to do is write questionable content or some type of content that is not good for maintaining his image. A lot of thought is needed in order to make sure that the audience is reading what he wants them to read. The worst thing one can do is give off a bad impression about his business and scare his customers off.

NuoDB Offers the Newest SQL Database

NuoDB refers to an SQL compliant transactional database management system (DBMS) aimed for scattered deployment on the cloud. The company was established in 2008 as NimbusDB and was later rebranded to NuoDB in 2011. Barry S. Morris, the CEO of the firm, and Jim Starkey are the co-founders of the technological corporation based in Cambridge, MA.

NuoDB is categorized as a NewSQL database since it preserves features of traditional SQL database while integrating characteristics for supporting scale-out processing in cloud computing environs. An application program communicates with the system via SQL statements in the same manner as in a relational database. However, the NuoDB design differs from the conventional relational methods due to its three-tier structure characterized by transactional, storage and administrative tiers. This feature ensures the transactional database management systems operates without linking applications and data on a disk drive, a great nuisance I many cloud applications.

The Database splits data elements into atoms, and it has a durable design that incorporates a set of in-memory caches to maintain the cloud’s elasticity and also the safe storage and preservation of data objects. Moreover, the database is characterized by a multi-version concurrency control (MVCC) that perceives data blocks and rectifies access issues.

Avaaz’s Global Song

Avaaz in Persian, means ‘voice’ or ‘song’ and it describes what the organization does, perfectly. In January 2007, Avaaz, a U.S. based civic organization was formed. Avaaz promotes activism globally in human rights, animal rights, climate change, poverty, conflict, and corruption. The Guardian considers the organization as one of the most powerful and largest online activists’ network. Avaaz was cofounded by Res Publica, and MoveOn.Org., supported by Service Employees International Union, a founding partner. Since 2009, Avaaz only takes donations from individual members and not over $5,000.

Global campaigns are managed by a team from over 30 countries. Communication between members is done via e-mail, online public petitions, email leaders tools, and videos. Campaigns are suggested by members, and boosted by specialists for that specific campaign. When a campaign has merit, 10,000 Avaaz members are polled, and if the campaign is favorable, it goes on to the rest of the members of Avaaz. The organization is often encouraging new ideas such as challenging Monsanto, calling for climate change globally, and helping refugees.

Avaaz’s website is very informative in helping people start their own petition, shows how many members there are, actions that were taken since the start of the organization, and how many countries have members of Avaaz. The organization makes public their financial reports, is on social media Twitter and Facebook, and does not accept donations from corporations nor governments so they are free from agenda’s. The site shows those campaigns that have been successful, press releases, and where to make donations and how often. Avaaz has their own YouTube channel where you can see videos and participate in discussions worldwide. There is a reason this organization is global and cares about the issues that affect everyone and the world itself.


From Picking Up Laundry to Picking Out Players: Yanni Hufnagel’s path to College Coaching:


Yanni Hufnagel did not make his high school basketball team in Scarsdale, New York. But he was still a part of it, doing color commentary on games for the local cable access channel. At Penn State, he played for the lacrosse team . . . for one season before transferring to Cornell. He was part of that school’s basketball team, as a manager. Yanni Hufnagel then scored a big internship with the then-New Jersey Nets, where one of his primary responsibilities was picking up the team’s laundry. But his work ethic and knowledge of the game put him on the radar of people with connections to NCAA-1 college coaches, and he landed a job as a grad assistant at Oklahoma, where he helped improve current Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin’s game.


As the years passed, Yanni Hufnagel’s reputation grew as one of the premier recruiters in the country. Thanks to his efforts at Harvard, the Crimson won the Ivy League regular season title in 2011 and 2012 and appeared in the National Tournament in 2012. Many of his peers say Hufnagel is successful bringing in great talent because of his constant high energy and his great sales pitches for whatever team he is working for.


Yanni Hufnagel earned a Bachelor’s degree from Cornell in Industrial and Labor Relations before obtaining a master’s degree from Oklahoma University in Intercollegiate Athletics Administration. After leaving Harvard in 2013, Hufnagel served as an assistant coach at Vanderbilt and California. He is currently an assistant coach for Nevada, who won the 2017 Mountain West Conference Championship and played in the NCAA National Tournament.