Nick Vertucci: Helping People Succeed Through Investing In Real Estate

Nick Vertucci wants to teach as many people as possible how to secure a comfortable life for themselves and their loved ones through the purchase, management and sales of real estate. And he has already helped countless people to do just that through his real estate academy. Vertucci understands how people can find themselves struggling to survive despite their best efforts. He also knows first hand how investing in real estate can help them to prosper. He experienced it himself as a young man and he has been able to become a multimillionaire by creating an effective system for investing in real estate.


At age 19, Nick Vertucci was living in his van. He used his talent and hard work to build a successful computer parts company. Vertucci got married, bought a house and began raising his three children. But then the crash wiped out his business and left him almost destitute. After seeing Vertucci struggle to save his home and keep his family afloat for 18 months, a friend invited him to a three-day real estate seminar. That seminar changed his life forever. It motivated him and gave him the insight he needed to pursue a career in real estate.


But success didn’t come easy. Once Nick Vertucci was able to get his head above water, he spent the next 10 years developing a system that allows almost anyone to easily invest in real estate and become financially secure. The system helps people identify available, affordable properties, find financing and purchase one or more pieces of real estate. Because of his struggles early on, Vertucci promised himself he would help others improve the quality of their lives through real estate investing. So he founded the amazing NV Real Estate Academy.


Through the academy Nick Vertucci gives people the know-how to get themselves out of debt, build a solid foundation and establish a consistent income. The system Vertucci created and teaches through the NV Real Estate Academy is easy to learn and very effective. Within months participants find themselves making large amounts of money. And Vertucci shows them how to invest that money to create a bright, secure future using his Fortunes in Flipping system. The best part is people can begin learning the system by attending a free NV Real Estate Academy Workshop. There Nick Vertucci shows them how to begin building their fortune through real estate investing.