Malcolm Casselle — Gamers and Blockchains

Malcolm Casselle has worked at some of the tech industries greatest giants. He has made history at every project he has ever touched. He has permanently left his mark on the world. By creating some of the best applications that we know today, or by being a major component to the creation of these applications, he has helped society advance forward. Malcolm Casselle is all about the advancement of communications within humanity. He was vital in the early stages of Facebook and Zynga and has helped Groupon complete its joint venture with a Chinese instant messaging company. The company in question was a company that assisted gamers talk to one another and engage in chats while gaming. Recently, he has created his own company called OPSkins and has founded a technology called WAX.

OPSkins is a gaming platform that allows gamers to trade in-game assets for real world currencies or cryptocurrencies. The vast majority of the gamers on OPSkins engage in cross border transactions through the use of bitcoin. By using bitcoin, users are able to trade their gaming assets with any user from any country and remain completely anonymous. They are taking full use of the blockchain technology that was developed for this sole purpose. As of this writing, OPSkins is the largest marketplace for trading gaming assets and cryptocurrencies. They account for the majority of bitcoins traded across the blockchain. Malcolm Casselle wants to develop a decentralized application that would allow his users to utilize the blockchain for their trading. The decentralized blockchain would ensure that users remain private and the entire system would never go down. He is calling his decentralized application WAX (Worldwide Asset Exchange).

The decentralized nature of blockchians allows users to engage in their transactions securely without the worry of fraud of power outages. The P2P marketplace would help users trade with each other across the world in a safer manner and would make transactions much smoother. Malcolm Casselle is currently working on the WAX protocol and has a team of advanced developers working around the clock to ensure the best possible experience for his customers.