Logan Stout, The Force Behind IDLife

Logan Stout is a man with many hats, and several titles to his name, due to his success as an American entrepreneur, CEO of IDLife (Individually Designed) and a professional baseball player.

The 38-year-old author and entrepreneur developed a love for sports in high school, where he joined the Student Athletic Council, and further participated in the varsity baseball and played in World Series events. At the age of 25, Logan Stout was already a millionaire after venturing successfully in businesses, and having graduated in Psychology and Business administration, an indication that he is an overachiever.

Despite all the wealth and success, Logan Stout still appreciates the society, and as a result, his philanthropic side is seen through the establishment of the Dallas Patriots Organization-a baseball organization that mentors young talents to succeed like him. Most of the youths that play in the organization have gained an opportunity to participate in the college level sports. The Dallas Organization also provides its members with instructors, coaches, mentorship, and training. Logan has written books on leadership that will inspire generations to come with leadership skills like the ‘Secret of Building Yourself, People and Team’.

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In addition, as a psychologist, he appreciates the importance of healthy living and fitness, and for this reason, he established the IDLife in 2014.This is a health and wellness company that operates through network marketing, from the manufacturer to the consumer with no middle men involvement. IDLife deals with a wide range of health supplements, that touch on every component of the health such as weight loss, skin care products, sleep aids, among others.

The exponential growth of IDLife like the million dollar revenue, and the merge with the Garmin International that shares the same concept of health and fitness, is an indication that Logan is propelling its success in the right way. The merger will ensure that a bigger market base is reached and thus millions will benefit from innovative products and a healthier lifestyle. In addition, under Logan’s leadership, IDLife has gained recognition among the top 100 multi-level companies in America.