Jorge Moll; a Renowned Neurologist Carries out Research on How to Train the Brain to Boost Altruism

Various professions are in existence. In each profession, passion and dedication are paramount. In this context, we will place emphasis on the health profession. As for health, we will discuss neurology. As well all know, neurology is the field of health that deals with the brain. Many professionals are present in this field, but some are more revered for their input when it comes to neurology. One of the revered neurologists worldwide are such as Jorge Moll. Jorge Moll is well versed when it comes to neurology. Of late, Jorge Moll has been researching how to train the brain with the sole aim of boosting Altruism.


Background Data

The brain is among the vital organs of the human body. As such, the brain should always be handled with utmost caution. As for Jorge Moll, he has researched how to teach empathy. In the pursuit of teaching empathy, the neurologists have incorporated the use of brain scans and traditional biofeedback techniques that will help people to boost their empathy.

In the pursuit of trying to help humans to boost their empathy, such a form of research involves studying several parts of the brain simultaneously. A specific interest is placed in emotions that trigger altruism. During an interview with NBC News, Jorge Moll made it clear that the research was not only about learning about emotions, but the end product also entailed enabling people to train their emotions too. Though such an act seems impossible, the various advancements in technology have given rise to a window of opportunity that can pave the way to making the impossible possible.

Among the forms of technology that have aided the research being conducted by Jorge Moll as such as; functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) brain scanners. The brain scanner is used in monitoring the brain activity in real time. After conducting tests on various volunteers, the brain scans proved to be quite effective regarding monitoring the brain activity. With time, Jorge Moll notes that his research can help out people with emotional disorders since they will be able to control themselves in a better manner.


About Jorge Moll

Apart from being a renowned neurologist, Jorge Moll is also the founder of D’Or Institute of Research and Education (IDOR). As for education, Jorge Moll studied Medicine in the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in 1994. Later, he studied Neurology in the same institute and graduated in 1998. Nevertheless, he furthered his studies by obtaining a Ph.D. at the Sao Paulo University in 2004 in Experimental Pathophysiology. To date, Jorge Moll is a household name in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. His achievements in the field of neurology are quite remarkable, and he is still set to achieve more and more.