Jeremy Goldstein and The Executive Compensation Solutions He Provides For CEOs

It’s not every day that you can meet a business person who has the sympathy, dignity, and passion for the work they do. Fortunately, we still have them, and one of those people seem to be Jeremy Goldstein, the lawyer who is practicing in New York City and giving advice to people, making sure that the investment they get into has less probability of ruin and bankruptcy.



The Compromise of Incentives



There are many things that contribute to the success of a company, and to its failures. However, many experts would agree that managing the incentives of the employees would be a wise decision for companies and corporations to address the costs of irate employees or those who would quit in the middle of highly productive work month. In the eyes of Jeremy Goldstein, these challenges can quickly be resolved, using the right compromise. Being known as a lawyer with expertise in employee relations and compensation, Jeremy Goldstein has made sure that the clients he serves – which include Bank of America and Verizon – have the best solutions and employee compensation that they deserve and need.



His expertise in working for large corporations is his secret why he can offer such solutions to his clients. With his knowledge, he can craft efficient incentive-based programs or Earnings Per Share (EPS) for the employees of his clients. With this, he can extract better productivity among his clients’ employees.



Right now, the current challenges of the EPS incentives that he has faced usually happen when the employees game the metrics. Employees can cheat. They can increase their share without exerting an added effort. There is also a tendency to nurture a sense of favoritism because of such EPS incentive system. With these adequately noted, Jeremy can find a middle ground in which all the factors and needs of both parties are addressed.



About Jeremy Goldstein



Jeremy Goldstein is a practicing lawyer in New York City with many years of experience behind his name. With the boutique law firm that he created called Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC – which specializes in executive compensation for CEOs and management teams-, he’s been helping companies build employee incentives framework that would benefit both companies and employees. He’s also listed as one of the Top Lawyers in the Legal 500 list of America’s Leading Lawyers for Business.



What Jeremy is continually advocating today is the push for better compromise for employee’s incentives. By giving employees the right options and lenient incentives, Goldstein can help his clients find a balance between the right EPS solutions that will serve the best for both clients and employees. Despite the people who continually challenge the EPS programs that he proposes, he’s still confident that with the right balance, he can land on the right set of solutions fit for a specific set of company needs.
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