How Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Use Big Data to Earn Customer Loyalty

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are the brains behind TechStyle Fashion Group. The company is a conglomerate of multiple companies in the technology fashion industry. The two have been longtime partners since they both sold their initial companies to Intermix Media in the 1990s. Intermix Media, at the time, was the parent company to MySpace, which was one of the hottest social networking commodities in the digital space.


Ressler and Goldenberg are best known for their unicorn startup JustFab, which hit incredible heights just months after being founded. A unicorn is known in the tech and startup worlds as a true game changer, something that comes along and rocks the landscape of the digital world so greately that things will never be the same again.


JustFab specializes in curating deals and fashion trends from websites all across the internet and then streamlining them into one simple email that was delivered to subscribers’ inboxes each day. JustFab was unique in the way that it introduced its follower base to new brands, trends and styles that they may not have ever come upon in their general shopping experience. In this way, JustFab not only introduces its follower base to new trends and boutiques, but it gave those stores and boutiques exposure that they likely would have never received on their own. It was truly a win win for all involved and millions of fans flocked to JustFab.


The success behind JustFab, as well as Goldenberg and Ressler’s other companies such as Kate Hudson’s Fabletics brand of “athleisure” wear comes from their vision to go digital first and to utilize big data to reach customers on a personal level in their digital space. All of the companies Goldenberg and Ressler have launched are digital first. Fabletics has changed the game by foregoing the mass build of physical stores and building a digital online showroom. The company has just a handful of stores in very select locations. Instead, they invite users into what feels like a full online showroom experience. When they visit the Fabletics site, customers can engage with the brand, watch videos, see new trends and all within the comfort of their own home or wherever they choose to browse.


In addition, all of TechStyle’s companies utilize big data to reach their customers on a more personal level. By learning more about their customers browsing and internet preferences, TechStyle provides a more enjoyable customer experience in the online realm and beyond.