George Soros & The Financial Support Rumor about Black Lives Matter

In August 2015, The Daily Beast reported about a rumor mill stewing lately about George Soros giving $33 million to #BlackLivesMatter, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. According to Ken Zimmerman, a director of Soros’s Open Society Foundations(OSF), mainstream outlets and conspiracy theorists have pushed these rumors. He said that the Soros didn’t give money to the three activists who started #BlackLivesMatter on Twitter, who are Opal Tometi, Alicia Garza, and Patrisse Cullors. Some writers suspected that Soros’s fundraising that lasted for a year in support of Hillary Clinton may be connected to two of Bernie Sanders’ speeches that were shut down a month earlier.

Ken Zimmerman also stated that Soros doesn’t pay for protests, per se. He also stated that their grant making process is constantly looking for new voices that range from immigration to criminal justice reform at Additionally, Zimmerman stated his organization has made monetary donations to groups working on Black Lives Matter movement, and they helped organize a discussion with actor Danny Glover and #BlackLivesMatter co-founder, Patrisse Cullors. On the other hand, Bill O’Reilly stated that George Soros is funding affiliates of Black Lives Matter along with Jay Z and Beyonc. For more information from The Daily Beast, click here.

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About George Soros’s Charitable Organization, The Open Society Foundations

The Open Society Foundations was found in 1979 by its chairman and founder, George Soros. This organization consists of a network of foundations, projects, and partners in over 100 countries. He’s committed to the idea of open society in which there is no monopolization, government is held accountable, and rights are respected.

In 1979, George Soros started his philanthropy efforts by allotting scholarships to blacks under apartheid in South Africa. During the 1980s, Soros provided Xerox machines in order to copy banned texts in order to undermine Communism within the Eastern Bloc, and he supported the West with cultural exchanges. The creation of the Central European University in the promotion of critical thinking started after the falling of the Berlin Wall through his organization. His foundations have also done various philanthropic efforts for Asia, Africa, and the United States. Additionally, George Soros assisted in helping to establish an international system for bringing accountability and transparency to the industries of natural resource extraction, and he supported different independent organizations, such as the Institute for New Economic Thinking, the European Council on Foreign Relations, the International Crisis Group, and Global Witness.