Felipe Montoro Jens Astounding Insight on Brazil’s Privatization Process

Felipe Montoro Jens opines that Brazil is a nation which has always possessed a strong identity in concern to the state. He further states that the presence of this strong identity was more prevailing in the 20th century. Privatization in Brazil was as a result of the debt crisis. The debt crisis was more widespread in the 1980s than other years.

It was necessary for Brazil to actively engage in infrastructure domain based on the needs of the country to achieve modernization that most of other western countries were benefiting from. Based on this process, the residents of Brazil could easily meet the different investment needs in the country to improve the overall economy of Brazil. An explanation by Felipe Montoro Jens helps in the easier understanding of how the development process in Brazil was achieved.

Brazil built an immense reputation by the twentieth century due to the powerful state existence that it possessed. The concept of infrastructure privatization commenced based on the political environment which actively commenced in the 1930s. In the next fifty years, the country faced significant growth. Based on this apparent progress in the nation, the National Privatization Program was enacted in the year 1990.

Based on the sanctioned program, privatization was made the standardized platform proposed by the present government in ensuring standardization of the economic reforms. Based on this program, vital industries such as petrochemical, aeronautical and steel were founded. Later on in the year 1995, concession law was passed. The bill aimed as prioritizing some industries which were considered to be very vital. These industries include electricity, sanitation, banking corporations, telecommunication, and transportation.

Felipe Montoro Jens obtained an undergraduate degree from an institution referred to as Getulion Vargas Foundation. He also earned a graduate degree from an institution referred to as Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Mr. Felipe has worked in finance domain, project development and in consulting and auditing divisions in PricewaterhouseCoopers. This has earned him the immense expertise that has granted him success in his workplaces.