Eric Pulier Helped Our Kids Graduate on Time

I was fortunate enough to work with Eric Pulier at the time that he was just starting out with People Doing Things. He was creating technology that would help kids like our students get through school, and I was very happy to see what he was capable of. It was like he knew just what these kids needed, and it was as if he was the only person who knew how to help. He brought us a lot of technology that was needed for our disabled students, and he created a lot of good memories with the gear that he brought us.

The best part of all of this is that he was able to keep bringing us as many things as he could create every year. We had a way to reach all the kids that were with us, and we knew that each of those kids would have a changed life because of what he had done for them. Each kid had their own disability that he was able to help with, and the People Doing Things charity even made sure that all the kids could hold onto these things after they graduated if that is what they needed.

The best part of this for the kids was that they knew that they would always have the resources that they needed to succeed. These same kids were going to feel like they could make progress through school, and that was the most important thing. We wanted them to know that they would be able to graduate, and we wanted to show them that there was a way for them to get along in the world. Each step that is taken is one that was helped by Eric Pulier and the amazing technology that he provided to us through People Doing Things.