End Citizens United Files Complaint Against Rick Scott

     End Citizens United has recently filed a complaint against Rick Scott to the Federal election commission. End Citizens United is one of the country’s largest political action committees. It was first formed in the aftermath of the Supreme Court decision on the court case Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commision. As a result of this court case and the decision made by the Supreme Court the regulations which limited a corporation’s ability to donate political campaigns were eliminated. This decision has been met with a significant amount of controversy as individuals across the country believe that corporations should not be able to donate unlimited funding to political party members.

The recent decision by End Citizens United to file a complaint against Rick Scott was a result of Rick Scott raising nearly $1.2 million before announcing his run for Senate through mega-donors. By raising the money ahead of announcing his run for Senate, he was able to bypass limitations on federal contribution limits. It is hoped that by filing a complaint with the Federal election commission End Citizens, United will be able to reduce the likelihood that Rick Scott will be able to be elected.

End Citizens United is currently led by Tiffany Muller and Matt Burgess, both members of the Democratic political party. End Citizens United was first formed in 2015 and was able to take part in the election cycle of 2016. During this election cycle End Citizens United was able to raise $25 million from its members. This represents one of the largest grassroots funding accomplishments made by any political action committee in the country.

Rick Scott is a member of the Big Money 20. The Big Money 20 is a group of individuals which have been identified by End Citizens United as catering to billionaires and corporate interests. These individuals have been known to have accepted large donations from mega-donors and corporations. One of the key missions during this midterm election cycle in 2018 for End Citizens United is to eliminate as many members of the Big Money 20 from their positions of political power as possible. In order to do this End Citizens United has promised to generate $35 million worth of political campaign contributions and use this money in order to support key members of the Democratic Party which End Citizens United has labeled as champions of campaign-finance reform. It is there hope that by supporting these candidates reform in the political campaign-finance process will be achieved.

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