Corruption Cabbing In the Advertising Industry

Bruno Jorge Fagali is a lawyer in Brazil who is an advisor in public and anti-corruption law; he is a Corporate Integrity Manager in an advertising agency Meio & Mensagem, which specializes in public interest communication; M&M implemented a good business practice system, and Bruno was the best fit for implementing rules. Mr. Fagali’s good track record has made him a member of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics and an associate in Brazilian Institute of Law and Corporate Ethics.

The top three corruption scandals involved advertising agencies and they have to be on the lookout for operations that unethical conducts can arise; this is the only sure way for the Corporate Integrity Programs to work. The critical areas are incentive plans, relationship with employees and directors, assignment criteria in the media firm, vehicles paid by advertisers and payment of fees to external services and supplies.

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Bruno Jorge Fagali earned a Master degree in Public Law, Administrative Law and Anticorruption from the University of Sao Paulo and a Bachelor’s in Law at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. He has attained different certificates like Compliance in Pharmaceutical and Health Industry from Legal Ethics Compliance, specialization in Administrative Law from both Getulio Vargas Foundation and Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo among others. Bruno Fagali has skills in public right, anti-corruption law, administrative law, and compliance; no wonder he was the best candidate for M&M.

Bruno Fagali had started his career as an intern with three different firms before he became a lawyer at Radi, Cali, and Associates. Bruno later joined the University of Sao Paulo as a scholarship holder, then, Corporate Integrity Manager, and he opened his law firm, FAGALI Law Firm in July 2016. Bruno Fagali is a perfect example of lawyer the advertising industry needs to cab corruption and make the sector prosper.

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