Helane Morrison : One of the Most Celebrated Compliance Officers

The compliance officer profession is relatively new. But even so, it is still one of the most important functions of a company. The work of a compliance officer is to ensure that companies do what is required of them by the law. Also, they ensure that employee comply, fully, with the company policies. To summarize their job in one sentence, they ensure that the company runs without any hiccups.


Among the list of the best compliance officers is Helane Morrison. She is honored for being one of the best compliance officers and lawyers. On top of that, she is a businesswoman.


About Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison was born and raised in New York. She attended Northwood University where she obtained her undergraduate degree in Journalism. She furthered her studies in the University Of California School Of Law which is based in Berkeley. At the university, she was a big contributor to the California Law review. She served as the editor in chief. In the year 1984, she graduated with her Juris Doctor and three years on, the state bar accepted her.


Career Life

Morrison’s career began the same year she graduated the University of California. Her first job was at the United States Courts of Appeal for The Seventh Circuit where she worked as a law clerk for Richard Posner. A year later, she left the court of appeal and started working at the United States Supreme Court where she was the law clerk for harry Blackmun.


In the year1986, Morrison left the Supreme Court and joined the San Francisco based law firm, Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin, as an associate. Half a decade later, she was made a partner and in the year 1996, she left the company. In the same year she joined the US Securities Exchange Commission. She was in charge of enforcing the body’s activities in San Francisco Regional Office, known as San Francisco’s District Office at the time. The years later she was promoted to be the district administrator, in charge of the whole region. Later on, her title changed to regional director.


Her decorated education and career background earned her a seat at Hall Capital, LLC. She joined this mogul advisory firm in the year 2007 and has been serving as the Chief compliance officer since then. She is also a senior counsel and seats on the board of executive committee, acting as a managing director.

The Career of Helane Morrison

Following the financial crisis that began in 2006 and officially ended in 2009, the trust of clients all around the world that previously made many investments on a weekly basis began to decline due to the lack of incentive of brokers to offer investment advice that would yield a high return with low risk involved. With technological innovation within the financial industry, the lack of incentive of brokers to check loan stability as well as to make sure that individuals can be their dues back encouraged the bubble to finally burst within the housing market. Following the financial crisis that led to a great increase in unemployment as well as a lack of trust within the world of investment, the cleanup projects have been great long.


Of the many ways to earn back the trust of investors all over the world to encourage the growth of the economy, one profession began to pop up and to gain popularity. This profession is known as a compliance officer. A compliance officer is responsible for working for an investment firm who is independent of the firm and works hard to not only find a problem within the firm, but also works hard to fix the problem quickly and efficiently. The goal of the compliance officer is to make sure that investors all over the world slowly gain back the trust of investment firms.


Compliance officers are individuals that are for the investor and work hard to make sure that an investment is safe and secure once it becomes a part of the stocks and the bonds market. Of the many experts within the compliance officer industry, one individual stands out in particular due to not only her extensive background with financial regulation, but also due to the innovative solutions she is able to come up with that solve some of the most complex problems.


This individual is Helane Morrison, a dedicated member of the financial regulation industry who is dedicated to making sure that individuals are able to trust the investment industry once more. Helane Morrison is a compliance officer for Hall Capital Partners, one of the largest investment firms on the West Coast. Helane Morrison has helped this investment firm excel and to promote diversity and to promote the protection of each and every client. Helane Morrison wants Hall Capital Partners to be a role model for other investment firms across the country.