A Look At The Traveling Vineyard Company

What Is The Traveling Vineyard?

The business model of the Traveling Vineyard involves sales agents or wine guides coming directly to people’s homes and offering them samples of wines that the company is currently selling. Samples offered by the wine guides to the perspective customer are free for the person trying them. Wine guides may also offer foods that go along or pair with the wine. This is called sommology or the pairing of foods with wine.

The Traveling Vineyard is a direct selling company that is based in Ipswich, Massachusetts. It is a direct seller that sells wine directly to consumers through sales agents known as wine guides. Traveling Vineyard’s corporate headquarters are located at 4 South Main Street in Ipswich, Massachusetts 01938. You can reach the company by calling (877) 340-9869 on Monday to Fridays from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M.

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The wine guides of the Traveling Vineyard do not sell wines directly. This is an important and key component of the company’s business model. Wine guides are just marketing the wines that the Traveling Vineyard has in stock and is currently selling. They get paid on a commission of up to 35% of the total order price that customers order.

In addition to visiting perspective wine buyers’ homes, wine guides can conduct wine tastings. These are special events where people are free to come and try as many different wines as they can. Foods and snacks that go along with the wines will also be offered, in what is known as the art of sommology. The wine guides conducting this event will then also have a chance to offer and explain the different wines available for sale through the Traveling Vineyard.

Advantages Of Working For The Traveling Vineyard As A Sales Agent

Sales agents that work for the Traveling Vineyard enjoy many benefits and perks. The biggest benefit is that wine guides have flexibility. They can choose to work the hours they want. You can work for a few hours a week or five days a week if you want. To start out as a wine guide, you only need to put up less than $200 and you can begin sampling wines to consumers. It is very easy and cost effective to become a wine guide as you do not have to keep any stocks of wine on hand. They are provided to you, by the Traveling Vineyard.