Why You Should Get to Know Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is a serial entrepreneur out of Dallas, but what you may not know is that Sparks actually teaches entrepreneurs how to launch their new business and turn it into a revenue generating machine. Sparks isn’t just building businesses, but he’s helping others build businesses too.

Having spent more than a decade at his office, Sparks has decided to move to a new location. His motive is to give the entrepreneurs he’s coaching a more conducive environment to not only brainstorm, but to get the counsel they need to birth forth a great and innovative business.

Sparks has been a champion for incubation and startups, and Timber Creek Capital is now thriving in this arena in the new office space.

Spark said recently in a press release, “With the design of Timber Creek Capital, we re able to host three different companies in our facility and offer an extensive incubation period.” Sparks compared a dark warehouse with no windows to the new office space, encouraging individuals to consider that the space which you work in will not only inspire you but it will also encourage you and spur you to think outside the box.

Sparks knows that an environment making it conducive to work is a key component to success, and without that it’s difficult for individuals to think more creatively as well as to collaborate with team members.

Sparks believes too that cutting corners is an issue for startups and he wants to discourage that. Sparks has started multiple businesses, and he knows what it takes to be successful.

This is why Sparks was so adamant about creating a great space for his students to think as well as to collaborate on their projects and get what they need from Timber Creek Capital.

Sparks talks about this very thing as well as other interesting topics in his book They Can’t Eat You. Sparks has never failed to share the details of his journey, and he does so to encourage fellow entrepreneurs and those who are just getting started.

Sparks is the Founder and CEO of Timber Creek Capital, LP. Known as a serial entrepreneur, Sparks continues to find ways to make money by taking ideas and turning them into profitable businesses.

Sparks has played an important role as a philanthropist, helping numerous charities like Habitat for Humanity as well as his own organization, Sparkey’s Kids. This organization donates 1,000 laptops to at risk children through an academy known as American Can!