Whitney Wolfe Brings a Rebellious Spirit to Dating App World

Whitney Wolfe is making things happen in the dating at world. She is not someone that is sitting back and resting on the knowledge that she has gained from the first dating app that she helped start called Tinder. There are still some elements that are similar to Tinder that people can look forward to, but the app that Whitney Wolfe is bringing to the table this time has a unique twist.

This app is called Bumble and it puts the ball in the woman’s court. This really is one of the best things when it comes to dating apps like this because it just provides a different type of environment for people that are serious about getting to know someone soon.

Whitney Wolfe is more than a rebel inside of the dating app world. She is also someone that has become a technology rebel in terms of where she is located. A lot of big-name companies that have dating apps are located in New York or California. Whitney Wolfe, by contrast, has decided to make her home in Texas. This is where the office for the Bumble company that she created is located. Whitney had already gone to school in Texas, and she stated that she loved her time in school here. She decided to do something different from what the other dating app executives were doing in the states of California and New York. She wanted to move to her own area and develop her own concept.

Whitney Wolfe is still very young, so there are a lot of people that are not even aware of her presence in the industry yet. It will not take long, however, because she has presented herself as a strong force that is willing to go against the grain for dating apps.

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