Technologist, Author, Charitable Visionary: Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is not average man. He has given back to communities in need, raised hundreds of millions of dollars, and built a reputation for innovation in a complex world. He’s the kind of tech leader we need in this century. But Eric Pulier didn’t have a hand-up when he started out. He was raised in humble Teaneck, New Jersey. He worked hard to be accepted into Harvard University, where he received a degree in English, magna cum laude. He also wrote a regular column for the Harvard Crimson, where he developed his humorous voice.

Once Eric left school and moved to Los Angeles, he saw the needed for innovations in the healthcare industry. There were inefficiencies that were affecting the quality of life for children and adults with a number of medical conditions. He has always had a philanthropic tendency, so he decided to form a company that would give back to the greater good. With Digital Evolution, he was able to create a technology platform that empowered children with MS. Instead of feeling isolated and lonely in their hospital rooms, they could now engage with others who felt the same way. The chat rooms and blog posts created by Eric’s company were revolutionary and secure for the kids.

Soon, Pulier caught the attention of government officials and enterprise professionals. He started another company named MediaPlatform. All of the 15 companies which he has started so far have received some kind of funding from venture capitalists. He continues to innovate in the space of digital technology. As a member of the board of the Xprize Foundation, he assists entrepreneurs with making their dreams realities by offering prizes as high as $10 million and bringing to life solutions that help children in underdeveloped nations. For example, kids with diabetes can now enjoy online platforms that teach them about their bodies. Aside from building companies that give back, Eric also travels all around the world to conferences and shares his insights on technology and social change. He is a proud father of four kids, and a regular participant at The Painted Turtle summer camp for ill children.