4 Potential Signs You Might Be Hurting Your Online Reputation On Social Media

Social media channels are highly effective in influencing the decisions customers make these days when doing business with a particular company or when purchasing a product/services. What is said on social media can make or break your brand.

The fact of the matter is that in 2016, as per the survey, 52 percent of the people used Facebook as a source of information when making purchasing decisions. Such statistics cannot be ignored and must not be ignored if a company wants to improve its brand reputation online, it has to have a very clear and strategically organized social media marketing campaign that’s active and responsive. Here are the four ways you might actually be hurting your online reputation on social media unknowingly –

Being Too Pushy

Many companies are over active on social media, and while this might be a good thing, pushing customers too much to buy the business’s products and services day and night might act as a turn-off. Customers don’t want to see your Ad or a post from you about how you are better than the best “Always.” Be generous with your call-to-action and online pitching on social media. Don’t overdo it.

Ignoring Complaints

Many customers feel they would be heard more quickly on social media accounts, and thus, they end up posting their grievances there. Do not ignore them and take every complaint seriously. Act upon the complaints and try to resolve them efficiently while engaging with customers positively and respectfully. Others would note it, and convert a negative complaint into a positive reputation.

Not Monitoring Brand Mention

Many companies do not have monitoring tools active, or they simply ignore the brand mentions on public forums, whether on their social media accounts or others. It is essential that you take steps to visit every brand mention and give an appropriate reply to show you are active as a brand and committed to ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Late Response

Companies need to make sure that the customers get a prompt response to their queries or complaints. As per a report, 71 percent of the clients who get a quick response would refer the brand to someone else. It would help get referrals and increase sales, customer base, and revenue in the long term.

Make sure that you take care of these few aspects as it can hurt your brand on social media in a big way in the long term.