The Positive Influence of Patty Rocklage

Family and marriage counselor, Patty Rocklage is a well-known psychotherapist that helps individuals, couples, and families get through difficult times. Her work as a family and marriage counselor as well as her contributions to other organizations and functions shows how what she has achieved. Looking at what she has accomplished by herself and with her husband, Scott Rocklage, addresses her positive influence over others,


A graduate of University of Southern California in 1981, Patty Rocklage decided to pursue a practice as a psychotherapist in Boston, Massachusetts. With now over 20 years of experience in this field, she proves that is capable and accomplished in helping others that struggle through life. Her LinkedIn page offers some insight into what she’s fully capable of in her field. Her profile shows different associates endorsing her for teaching, team building, community outreach, and coaching. This is her positive influence over others. It identifies her as an individual who has a desire to help others.


An article in also addresses Patty Rocklage as well as her husband’s major gift. To be more specific, their major gift was assisting in the costs of renovating lab space for different professors in a building at MIT. The article mentions that Scott Rocklage, who earned his PhD at MIT, carried out his studies in the department of chemistry. The end of the article tells of how Scott and Patty Rocklage are willing to contribute more funds to help renovate the department of chemistry. This article demonstrates the value of Scott and Patty Rocklage.


Patty Rocklage’s success in her work as a family and marriage counselor as well as what she jointly does with her husband offers some insight into her accomplishments. Her and her husbands success has led to them renovating their home through Sudbury Companies. An article in about Patty and Scott Rocklage offered some insight into what their success has brought them, providing them with the opportunity to renovate their home in a luxurious way. Patty Rocklage’s successful endeavors provides a better understanding of how she helps others, by being a positive influence over others.