Franchisco Domenech; Managing Partner at Politank

Franchisco Domenech is currently Politank’s managing partner. Politank is a law firm that specializes in government affairs. At the firm, Domenench assists in the development of strategies that represent the best interests of private companies in government fora. Formerly, he was the director of the Puerto Rican department of legislative services.

Franchiso Domenech was born in Puerto Rico in 1978 and spent most of his teenage years in Ocala Florida pursuing his high school education at the Forest High School. He attended the University of Puerto Rico and graduated twice. His first degree was in Political Science after which he graduated as a Juris Doctor. While pursuing his degrees, he was elected the President of the student council and the academic senator. During his college years, he participated in various legal contests among them the Moot Court competition, where he was ranked among the top 15% oralists. Follow Domenech on Twitter for more updates.

During his career, Mr. Domenec was among the members of the Democratic National Committee. He served in this capacity between 2007 and 2012. He has also worked as a Democratic delegate in national conventions and campaign manager in the primary campaign of Hillary Clinton. His other appointments include being the co-chair of the finance department during the Hilary Super Ac. In this capacity, he was assigned the responsibility of arranging and planning national fundraisers. His exemplary performance in organizing Hillary’s campaign enabled him to sit on the committee and plan the Puerto Rican campaign trip during the 2016 election cycle.

Domenech was also the manager of the winning campaign organized for Jenifer Gonzales. This campaign enabled her to become the resident commissioner and later the congressional representative. By his success at representing the young American Democrats as a member of the Democratic National Committee, he became a super-delegate in the 2008 convention. He also served as the chief whip for the Puerto Rican delegation.

Currently, Mr. Francisco Domenech runs his bipartisan firm that deals with government affairs and regularly comments on Puerto Rican media. He also actively supported several philanthropic endeavors both individually and through Politank. Visit:



All You Need to Know About Francisco Domenech

Francisco Domenech is known across all the political divide due to his vibrant nature. Currently, he is the Managing Partner of POLITANK. As a result of meeting and interacting with various private individuals and interest groups, he has gained political mileage. Before becoming the Managing Partner, he was former Director of the Office of Legislative Services of the P.R Legislative Assembly from year 2005 to 2008. It is under this period, Francisco Domenech initiated tremendous changes in the organization streamlining the human resource of more than 130 employees. Besides, he increased the mandate of the organization enabling it to offer more services to the community. Some of the new roles that Office of Legislative Services offered were enabling the physically disabled and the blind to access services with ease. The office also took part in consideration of more than 800 pieces of legislation in Congress and prudentially managed an annual budget of more than $11million. View Francisco Domenech’s profile at LinkedIn

Francisco Domenech experience in law and public relations has seen him occupy prestigious offices such as being the President Chief Legal Counsel of the Senate. Where he was in charge of providing legal counsel as well as represented Senate interest before tribunals, courts and other settings recognized by the Federal government. Notably, he supervised the all in-house counsel, managing the Senates federal lobbyists and overseeing outside counsel. Domenech was directly involved in participating in a rare en banc hearing typically held in the Court of Appeals.

Holding such positions requires one to be conversant with the law in the jurisdiction of the United States of America. Thus Domenech is a graduate from the University of Puerto Rico, RioPiedras Campus, where he graduated with the B.A in Political Science and Juris Doctor. During his time as a student, he was the president of the general student body council. After the completion of the studies, his love for politics did not end there since from 2007 to 2012 he was a member OF Democratic National Committee where he represented the Young Democrats of America. During the primary campaign of Hilary Clinton in 2008, he was the Deputy Campaign Manager in Puerto Rico where Clinton won comfortably. Follow:


Sujit Choudhry, Constitutionalism & The Decline of Democracy

The global shift which the world is beginning to witness away from constitutional democracy after such a long and widespread trend towards them have raised the brows of many political experts who have sought to remedy the situation. One of the most prominent of these experts is Sujit Choudhry, a constitutional scholar and researcher and the founder of the Center For Constitutional Transitions. The primary focus of his research, as well as the research produced by the Center for Constitutional Transitions primarily revolves around comparative constitutional analysis, both current and historical, which is to say, comparing and analyzing what work and did not work in current and past documentation, law and political culture. See  more here o, (

Recently, as part of a upcoming book project, Sujit Choudhry took particular interest in analyzing a message from former Obama era Attorney General and politician, Eric Holder which was posted to the popular social media and micro-blogging website, Twitter. In his 2017 message Mr. Holder states: “ABSOLUTE RED LINE: the firing of Bob Mueller or crippling the special counsel’s office, refer to ( If removed or meaningfully tampered with, there must be mass, popular, peaceful support of both. The American people must be seen and heard – they will ultimately be determinative.”

In Choudhry’s analysis the post by Holder is highly instructive as to the prevailing attitude constitutional in the United States, as it is based upon two principal conceptions; namely the “red line” and the appeal to populism. Both of these concepts, to Choudhry are based upon the uniquely American idea of what he calls, “constitutional self-enforcement, built around the concept of a focal point.” Choudhry professes some surprise as the former Attorney General’s tweet as he remarks that it is quite peculiar that someone like Holder who was so deeply instantiated in the legal system would not even make one mention of any legal challenges to Mueller’s authority, neither principally or tangentially. Hop over to

Choudhry further remarked that Holder’s “red lines” express a failure of American democracy, because once politicians and activist began calling for legal circumnavigation and widespread street protest mobilization, the system is clearly not doing its job. For if it was – if the American citizenry still believed, by and large, in the system – and if it still had the support of the people, such calls for action would never be made to begin with, see more details here on


End Citizens United Raises Awareness for Katie Porter

For anyone who has an interest in the 45th Congressional District in California, there is big news in current events. It is thanks to the collaborative efforts of WOMEN VOTE! and End Citizens United (ECU) working together on behalf of Katie Porter. These two organizations have an expansive and crucial project in action, to educate and inform voters on the choices available to them.

As a candidate for the congressional position, Porter is more than qualified and worthy to handle the challenges that go along with a congressional seat. She is keenly aware of the socio-economic disparity within the United States today and does something about it.

Her profession and passion is as a UC Irvine law professor while at the same time practicing consumer protection as an attorney. She has experience in taking on Wall Street financial institutions and coming out victorious. The causes that Porter champions lie at the very heart of the American family today.

She is most concerned about the safety of children in schools as well as the general public, when it comes to assault weapons. This makes her a natural and obvious smart choice. More than that, her personal and professional integrity remain intact, as Porter advocates for reform regarding campaign funding. This fact is plain to see, because she refuses to accept campaign funds from corporate PACs (Political Action Committees).

As if being an educator and advocate for consumer rights are not enough deeds to send her to Congress, she also has the endorsement of some reputable colleagues. Senators Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris both support her candidacy into Congress, because of Porter’s progressive sociopolitical views and attitude. She believes in making funding for public education a top priority, while at the same time defending the Affordable Care Act. A woman’s right to choose and Planned Parenthood are also institutions and establishments under her protection.

The project ran by End Citizens United and WOMEN VOTE! has a specific target audience. It is intended to contact unaffiliated and Democratic women under the age of 30. Ideally, these individuals have voted in the 2016 general election and participated in at least one of the 2014 or 2012 primaries. In all, more than 50,000 different households are to receive eight different mailed pieces of information regarding Porter. Projected numbers indicate that more than 200,000 different voters are to be reached by the end of the campaign. This is certainly a impressive achievement, but really it is just another day at the office for End Citizens United and WOMEN VOTE!.

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Sean Penn: Critical Review of the Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Sean Penn has written his first novel, entitled “, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” The book revolves around Bob, who shares the same character as Sean Penn. Critics, like Trevor Noah have panned Bob Honey Who Just Do stuff, the book with the weird title, and they are stating that the story is a little bit trippy, and people are enjoying how the novel would put them in disbelief, amazement, and delight. The novel is also recommended for those people who prefer reading cult classics, and according to Sean Penn, they will love the story behind Bob Honey. The satirical madness embedded in each page of the novel can be observed in detail to find out the truth that the writer wanted to tell the people. It requires a deep sense of understanding to unravel the secrets behind each page of the novel.

Initially being released as an audiobook back in 2016, Sean Penn had the chance to publish his novel as a slimmer. The novel includes symbolism for the presidency of Donald Trump, and it is set shortly, where the society falls behind a dystopian, chaotic environment. The novel tackles about the situation near the Republican National Convention, and how the protagonist named Bob faces all of the challenges he encounters every single day. The novel also introduces Fletcher, who is a character based on Mexican drug lord El Chapo. Sean Penn even had to travel to Mexico to interview El Chapo, in preparation for the novel that he will be writing.

People who have already read the novel by Sean Penn pointed out several pages which are written to discredit President Donald Trump. Bob Honey Who Just do Stuff seems to cross multiple genres, resulting in mixed reviews from literary establishments.  Sean Penn is a known critic of the president, and he included several passages in the novel which criticizes the actions of the president, albeit referring to him only through symbolism because the president in the novel is a different person. Sean Penn is hoping that people would be purchasing and supporting his novel, and he is also asking for the assistance from his friends at Hollywood to promote the book that he has written. Sean Penn stated that he still thinks whether to write another novel that would continue the story of Bob.

Read USA Today’s take on the book.


End Citizens United, a Political Action Committee financed by grassroots donors, was founded on March 1, 2015. The purpose of its formation was driven by the Supreme Court’s judgment in Citizens United versus Federal Election Commission that changed the background of America’s elections. It led to billionaires and other special interest organizations taking advantage of their status to rig elections in their favor. By electing campaign finance reform people, endorsing state ballot measures and raise the issue in national conversation, End Citizens United plans to rectify their political system.

Lyndon Johnson became president of US when his forerunner, John Kennedy was murdered. As a senator, he endorsed a bill called Johnson Amendment, passed in 1954, that hindered the spending of church money in politics. At the time, it was never threatened but things have since changed and churches, together with the rest of the tax- exempt non- profit institutions are faced with the possible challenge of beginning to donate funds to political activities and candidates they support. The End Citizens United has taken upon itself to protect the Johnson Amendment.

On November 2, 2017, End Citizens United asked the leadership to prevent the repealing actions of Johnson Amendment. They term it as another plan of rigging by the billionaires. The public is unaware of what is going on due to the ongoing chaos in the current administration with an inclusion of the investigations into treason with Russia.

The Supreme Court judgment in 2010 is however viewed as the bigger disaster. This is because it brought down most of the regulations that were put in place to ensure a fair political campaign. The End Citizen United was formed to offer support to people who fight Citizens United and since the efforts to repeal the Johnson Amendment has been viewed as a plot by Citizens United, the organization has been working to stop it.

Americans are worried that if the Johnson Amendment is repealed, they would no longer have the knowledge of how the money they contribute to churches is utilized.

Whenever the Johnson Amendment is violated by any 501(c) (3) organization, their status as a tax-exempt is revoked by the IRS. Such cases are not common but a good example is that of a church that opposed the election of Bill Clinton and even went ahead to pull down a whole page ad in USA Today. Though offenders of the Johnson Amendment have been punished, there has been a deterioration in its enforcement lately.

Participation of End Citizen United in the fight against repealing of Johnson Amendment is important because it maintains the separation of the church and state affairs. If the repealing is a success, then the matter will be brought to the Supreme Court and due to the recent addition of a conservative to the court, not forgetting the ruling in 2010, there is no guarantee that the ruling will be positive. For more information on end citizens united visit


End Citizens United Works To Protect Important Amendment

The Trump administration has made itself an enemy of the separation of church and state. Specifically, Trump has decided to do away with restrictions on campaign finance laws that prevent churches from supporting or opposing candidates and contributing to their campaigns. This has led to justified fears of a future in which churches are used to hide money and where religion interjects itself into politics. Fortunately, End Citizens United is doing everything it can to make sure this situation is handled before it turns into something much more problematic. Their work to protect the Johnson Amendment is going to prove pivotal to politics in the long run. Check out to know more about End Citizens United.

End Citizens United wants to lead the charge to protect the Johnson Amendment from these attacks by doing everything it can to support candidates that will protect the constitution from those who seek to corrupt campaign financing. Their efforts have made them one of the most talked about organizations seeking to influence politics today. People want a say in these fights but simply don’t know how to get involved. The most important step in all of this is finding a way to make sure they are included in the process overall.

Although fighting for the Johnson Amendment is End Citizen United’s most recent goal, the organization has deeper roots than that. They have played a key role in helping a number of movements to protect campaign finance reach the mainstream and attract the attention they need. A great example of this was their efforts to reverse the Citizens United ruling. This ruling played a key role in opening up much of what has happened over the course of this decade. We have seen an entirely new way of financing campaigns and conducting politics overall. There is a serious need for grass root movements to disrupt it.

End Citizens United is trying to do something most people would not. After seeing the success of conservatives over the course of the decade many believe there is no hope for those who want to ensure politics is open and free from corrupt financial influences. The recent attacks by Trump and the GOP are only one more reason End Citizens United is gaining steam. More than ever people are signing up to help out this movement and give it the energy it needs to finally accomplish some changes. They are joined by others who understand the problems caused by this. The efforts to ease restrictions on tax exempt organizations and to bring churches into political financing is something absolutely terrible for America. The following years are going to be difficult for campaign finance, but there is still hope to turn things around and do away with this changes. Visit:


End Citizens United Receives Massive Support From People All Over The Country

Even though America considers itself to be a nation that follows a system of democracy, the reality is far different. With the current political party in power, there is no secret that a large number of people in these high positions have only got there by paying huge amounts of money. These people may be owners of large organizations, but do not have the experience and knowledge of the political aspects of the country, which is why there is so much turmoil happening around us. The reason for this is because there is no transparency in the government.

Large organizations are allowed to donate to political parties as and when they like, without having to worry about anything else or the public finding out how much they have donated. This, however, leads to a whole other side of politics where large, influential people pay money in exchange for positions in the government. This has resulted in the government now worrying about only large organizations and how they can please them, rather than the people.

End Citizen’s United is an organization that was formed to combat this problem and to once again bring order to the American government. People in the country feel like their views and opinions in the system do not matter because they do not have the money to act as a microphone for those thoughts. People are now in a position where they have to keep quiet about all the things that they want to change and are just in a position where they have to adhere to what businessmen want to make. This has only been possible because of the Supreme Court’s ruling of ‘Citizen’s United’ where companies could donate to political parties without being questioned or accounted for. People want to have transparency in the political systems, and that is what End Citizens United is working towards. People want to be part of an organization that is working to bring change and want to be part of something that understands them and their needs, unlike the political systems which are the people who should be doing this.

The organization was founded by a group of people who share similar interests and who want to bring about change in the government. The organization has received an incredible response from people all over the country who want to be part of something that gives them the importance that they truly deserve. Within a few months of the organization coming into existence, End Citizen’s United raised almost four million dollars, which has helped them in their efforts at bringing about amendments in the government. Within the next year or so, the organization is projected to receive over thirty million in donations.

George Soros Assists Foreign Students with College Funding

George Soros has recently been discussed heavily in popular media outlets like Forbes Magazine for his quiet resurgence into the world of philanthropic efforts targeting democratic presidential nominees and other democratic politicians. The billionaire was famously displeased with his drastic effort to defeat former President George W. Bush back in the early 2000s. During these efforts, Soros spent a record $25 million on the campaigns of Al Gore and John Kerry. After the failure of both these campaigns, Soros continued to support liberal causes and campaigns, but not nearly on as large a scale as he had supported the liberal agenda in the early 2000s. Read this story at Politico about George Soros.

Recently, however, with the nomination of Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump to the democratic and republican presidential tickets, Soros has entered the field of political philanthropy with a vengeance. The billionaire has reportedly spent an estimated $15 million in collective contributions to Clinton’s presidential campaign and other democratic issues. Although Clinton eventually lost the presidential campaign to, now, President Donald J. Trump, Soros has continued to donate large amounts of money to support the liberal agenda. Soros’ financial involvement in the political arena has, infact, increased substantially since Trump’s election. The billionaire has made it his mission to fight against the Trump-led government that he believes is a promoter of hatred, bigotry, and elitism. In his most recent political philanthropic effort, Soros donated millions of dollars to the funding of college education for foreign students.

Learn more:

When asked about his donation to a fund providing educational resources for foreigners who are attending college in the United States, George Soros stated that the fund was extremely vital to the resistance he hopes to bring about in the United States. As a foreigner himself, Soros understands the difficulties that foreigners can face during college stays in the United States. Soros stated that he hoped to offset the efforts made by the Trump administration to isolate minorities and foreigners by contributing greatly to funds like these. The billionaire believes that funds that support the education of foreigners will help these students to study without the burden of holding full time jobs to support their education. He also believes these funds can help foreigners to develop essential skills needed to provide for their families and citizens of their home nations. Soros believes that empathy to foreigners, instead of opposition and malice, will improve the conditions of the lives of foreigners and of the American economy. The billionaire has made his intentions of resisting the efforts of the Trump administration for the next four years abundantly clear by describing his plan of action. Soros intends to fully fund and back as many liberal programs as possible in the coming years, and with nearly unlimited resources available to him he represents a serious threat to his opponents.

Learn more on about George.

Why Venezuela Needs Leaders Like Jose Manuel Gonzalez

It is quite difficult to find leaders who have their ability to speak their mind without being swayed or compromised. Venezuelans are lucky to have such a leader in one Jose Manuel Gonzalez. The Guárico State native has gained massive popularity due to his ability to speak out fearlessly about issues that face Venezuelans, more so farmers. By virtue of this, he has amassed a large following, with many seeing him as someone who is capable of leading the country in coming years.

Mr. Gonzales shot to national prominence after being elected to the helm of FERECAMARA, which is one of the most popular trade unions in Venezuela. While serving as the organization’s president, he was vocal in addressing challenges that face farmers. He became notable for fearlessly criticizing the government over its apparent inaction in addressing challenges faced by farmers. According to him, successive governments have failed to show their dedication towards rescuing Venezuelan farmers from perpetual poverty. Being a farmer himself, Jose Manuel fully understands the importance of improving the agricultural sector.

Besides advocating for the review of agriculture policies in Venezuela, Mr. Gonzalez has equally been critical of the coalition government of the day. According to him, the government is deeply divided along political affiliations, a situation that has greatly weakened it. Senior government officials and members of the ruling class have lost touch with the country’s citizens. This explains why most legislations that are passed do not put into consideration millions of farmers who dot the country. In addition, the government has been hesitant to act on insecurity, something that has given criminal gangs a leeway to carry out their illegal activities unabated. Killings and kidnappings are reported everyday but no action is taken.

Important Notes about Mr. Gonzalez

The outspoken leader is a deputy, representing Guárico state in the Venezuelan national assembly. He is known for his firebrand and outspoken nature of politics, which has won him admirers throughout the country. Jose has distinguished himself as a selfless defender of farmers, and uses each opportunity that he gets to highlight their plight. His rise from relative obscurity to national prominence has also made him an inspirational figure to hopeful leaders.