Sean Penn: From Actor To Author

Sean Penn, actor phenom turned novelist. Getting people to notice the actor has never been hard due to his share of drama on camera and off, as this only added to Sean Penn’s bad boy persona. But, his roster of critically acclaimed accomplishments on screen far outweigh any shortcoming the actor might have had in the past. Pushing for more achievements to add to his billing, never being satisfied with the status quo, he went and wrote a book, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”. As with any whisper’s of a book coming out from such a figure of our generation as he, comes criticism and speculation. The worst is the categorization, we as a nation have to put labels and categories on everything. We cannot just be. This is what Sean wants for his main character, to just accept him. Do not try to put Bob into some modern day scenario or philosophy.

“Bob Honey Just Do Stuff” is a satirical Americana. The main player is a middle-aged man who engages in such jobs and activities from septic tank salesman to assassinating the elderly. The story is told through the eyes of Pappy Pariah. He narrates the story Bob Honey’s life story and the digressions that ensue. It is up to the reader to decide whether Bob Honey is real or a figment of Pappy Pariahs imagination. Bob, a suspected international assassin that murders the elderly. Bob believes it is his purpose to murder in order to whittle down the population for society and the environment. Honey calls the President of the United States Mr. Landlord in a tirade written to the White House. For the rest, the book must be bought. Sean Penn at first denied being the author of the book, only narrating it when a portion of the book came out in audible format. He claimed it to be written by an author he met in a bar.

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