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Nick Vertucci is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA). He is also the author of his new book release “Seven Figure Decisions: having the balls to succeed,” and former computer technology business owner, as well. He is married to Gina and together they have three daughters. He is the modern day real estate investing guru who started in earnest in 2004. After successfully grasping and implementing his angle in REI strategies, he decided to share his knowledge with others so that we could enjoy the chance to do the same.

Growing up, Nick and his siblings experienced early hardships that did not immediately seem to pose a direct problem. They lost their father at Nick’s early age of ten years but being part of a large, family oriented community, they always felt provided for. His Mom would, subsequently, take on more work requiring her physical absence more often than not, but the connectedness of community and involvement in each others’ lives kept their family close. They helped one another focus on and achieve goals recognizing that everyone’s positive and active participation in life gave rise to opportunities and applicable knowledge for all those nearby.

By the age of 18 years, Nick was living out of his own van. The operative word being ‘own.’ Shortly thereafter, he would become a successful computer technology entrepreneur who relished in the ability to command his own day, be his own boss. Nick managed and performed, as needed, every aspect of the business including marketing, customer acquisition and satisfaction, warranties, guarantees, operations and consultation. This came easy for Nick because it has always been his nature and that of his family community to secure and look out for the best for those he knows and partners with in this trip called life.. An aspect of his character perhaps best borne out of his 18 years of public service as a local police officer.

Nevertheless, maybe his success as a computer business entrepreneur occurred too fast because he did not gather the time to reflect on how life would be without that continual flow of income. Instead, he lived his life spending money as quickly as he’d earned it. Back in those days, even if you only had $3,000 in savings in a bank, financial analysts considered you ‘rich’ above over 85% of the world’s population. So, obviously, no complaints or internal nudgings to perform or manage oneself better than the world’s estimation. Consequently, and with the dot com crash of 2000 providing the vehicle, Nick painfully watched as his cushiony income disappeared. Within 18 months, he’d lost every luxury except his roof.

Being a person rich in relationships and concern for others, Nick Vertucci experienced a ‘pay it forward’ moment when a close friend offered to sponsor him as his very own guest for an upcoming real estate investment seminar. Even until this day, he considers his yes to this opportunity as the best seven figure decision he’s ever made. Applying the lessons he learned from his years as a successful entrepreneur in the computer technology industry and the subsequent vulnerability under its outward debacle, Nick took his time pointedly learning the steps required to masterful and lucratively perform the various REI strategies. This would lay the foundation for the very success he invites all of us to achieve through participation in his Nick Vertucci’s Real Estate Academy as he made the strategies his own. But the meat and potatoes of life philosophy are what energize the prerequisite undercurrents to permit long term sustainability and success, a foundation of which Nick Vertucci writes in his new book release “Seven Figure Decisions: having the balls to succeed.”

While a specific review of Nick Vertucci’s new book is beyond the scope of this article, one can surmise the following six views. First, always show appreciation for current successes by mindfully applying some of their gains toward future investment. These gains and how we pay them forward may be as straightforward as money and charity or as elusive as networking and mentorship. For example, by the year 2004, Nick had fully engaged in Real Estate investing as his way of life. By the year 2014, he’d established NVREA, and within two years thereafter, he’d regularly given to others in need in tangible ways. For example, for Thanksgiving 2016, his company shopped, donated and delivered 106 whole turkeys, 48 whole hams, 160Lbs of ground pork, 200Lbs of potatoes, 120 cans of corn, 120 bags of green beans, plus pumpkin puree, butter, cranberry sauce and apple juice to The Village of Hope of the Orange County Rescue Mission for the families there in transitional housing which included over 90 children.

Second, run toward any fear as if it holds your very next breath of life because it probably does. Simply spend some dedicated time focusing on the particularly feared task. Imagine yourself completing it step by step. Visualize others interacting and intersecting your path of progress. Address every possible reaction. Now, visually dictate each interchange breathing deep and/or calmly at every stage.

Third, know your own risk quotient. In full awareness, acknowledge internally your degree of willing exchange and do not hesitate to leave a proposed deal if it falls outside of your fearless zone.

Fourth, perfect your most marketable strategy. Such a strategem may exist per your own direct skills or per your management of the skills of your hirees.

Fifth, begin to learn and apply another new strategy unto perfection. And sixth, while doing so, begin to apply your first mastery to other similar areas of investment in a specifically new county, state, country or investment tool.

Nick Vertucci’s application of his life lessons benefit all he encounters, and his ‘Seven Figure Decisions’ and NVREA allow us to access the gleaning of his success.