Graham Edwards and His Billion Dollar Telereal Trillium Legacy

In the early 2000’s, Graham Edwards founded a company in the United Kingdom known as Telereal. As CEO, he led the company into many prosperous partnerships and business dealings, including a multibillion-dollar property outsourcing with British Telecom holdings (BT), and he ultimately initiated the 2009 merger with another big name in property management – Trillium.

The newly formed Telereal Trillium became the largest privately owned Property and Investment Management Company in the UK and boasts an impressive annual revenue of over £1 billion. Although Telereal Trillium’s success is by no means a surprise. Graham Edwards was appointed CEO after the merger and uses his knowledge and expertise to ensure a prosperous continuation of the business (

Prior to his own businesses, Graham Edwards headed funds at Merrill Lynch Investment Management and attended the prestigious Cambridge University studying economics. His various positions and insight into other corporation no doubt plays a major role in his current practices. However, Graham Edwards is not just a businessman, in his leisure time he enjoys being an avid tennis player and a ski enthusiast.

In addition to his business dealings, Edwards also has a high presence in local and charity communities. He, Telereal Trillium, and his staff participate in raising and donating funds to over 100 registered charities. Edwards is even known for his focus on employee satisfaction. His commitment to creating a respectful environment in all business practices, responsible sustainability efforts, and dedication to giving back all help foster employee pride and make Telereal Trillium a serious company to contend with.

It is with this quality of hard work and devotion to beneficial pursuit that Graham Edwards and Telereal Trillium will see continued prosperity and the legacy they both have will leave a lasting impact in not only the business community but also the country as a whole.

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