What John Goullet Has Done For IT Staffing

Finding good employees to fill the needs of a company’s IT department can be tricky like any other job because the IT industry is so diverse from programming to engineering, networking and server administration. But that’s why John Goullet is helping both employers and potential employees cut the time and the costs to job recruiting by taking care of the recruiting at Diversant, LLC, the company serves with as Executive Principal and Chairman alongside CEO Gene Waddy. Diversant, LLC is known as the largest African-American owned staffing firm and here is where young talented college graduates, former military veterans and foreign workers can be instantly connected with clients who need their skills.


John Goullet was once putting his skills to use with technical problems and building systems with other fortune 500 clients, and notable IT firms he worked with include the Computer Sciences Corp, Cap Gemini America, the Constell Group and TSR Consulting. Goullet had gone through the hiring process and felt he could help various companies find who they were looking for with a company of his own, so in 1994 he launched Info Technologies Inc. The company didn’t have a lot of funding at the outset, but Goullet was able to market it to many clients and as more clients became satisfied with the candidates Info Technologies attracted, its income grew. In 5 years Info Technologies was worth $30 million and made Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest-growing fortune 500 companies.


16 years into its existence, Goullet saw a chance to bring even more candidates from the minority communities aboard and encourage the schools in those communities to promote careers in IT, so in 2010 he brought Info Technologies together with Waddy’s company to establish Diversant, LLC. Within the next few years Diversant started opening offices all across the nation and is continuing to do so today. What’s made Diversant attractive is their benefits packages and compensation plans that consultants can signup for, and those include tuition cost payments and insurance plans. Diversant, LLC also participates in local business initiatives including the New Jersey Tech Council and Charlotte Chamber of Commerce.