Adam Milstein- Pro-Israeli author and philanthropist

Adam Milstein is a philanthropist and an author of pro-Israeli materials. One of his goals as an author is to highlight the issues that affect the Jews. In his articles, he mainly focuses on protecting the Jewish community amidst the challenges the community is going through especially inform of anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism is on the rise in many parts of Europe and North America. It has, therefore, become a concern for the Jews how to curtail the growth of the hate. Milstein is not only sensitizing the Jewish community and the world about the situation but also actively being involved in measures to curb the spread.

One of the ways through which he believes that the community is going to prosper in light of the recent developments is by building up a generation comprising of young Jews who will defend the community in times of need. The main reason the country still stands strong even today is that the country has been ruled by great leaders who prioritize the interest of the Jews. Going forward, it will be upon the young Jews to support the community. For them to support the community, they need to grow up being proud of who they are. They also need to learn the culture and practices of their people.

Adam Milstein is committed to assisting the community build a strong generation of young people. Through his efforts, Adam Milstein is sponsoring the education of young Jews living in the United States. He is supporting the publishing of Hebrew materials to enable the young people to learn about their language, culture, and values. Once they realize who they are, they will be proud to be associated with the community and will support the community in times of challenges.

Adam Milstein is the leader of Israeli-American Council, an organization that takes care of the needs of the Jews. The organization aims at strengthening the relationship between the Americans and the Jews. The U.S is an ally of Israel, and both countries have been supportive of each other especially in combatting terrorism which breeds in the Middle East.

Are You In Need of An Investment Advice? Richard Dwayne Blair Is There For You

In order to make sound decisions on matters related to investment, you need someone who has gone through the journey and come out successfully. The Investment Advisor at Wealth Solutions, Richard Dwayne Blair, is one of the people who has become a guide to upcoming and existing investors.

Wealth Solutions based in Austin, Texas is a registered firm which has a net worth of $52 million and mandated with the goal of enhancing the lives of families, upcoming business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals. His passion for educating people perhaps became the drive for founding this investment advisory firm. Basically, his wife, his mother and even his grandmother were all teachers and this kind shaped his life.

Wealth Solutions was founded by Richard Dwayne Blair in the year 1994 after realizing that he had a great aptitude for finance and great passion of educating his people. This is when he realized that he could help individuals in their financial planning and investments. The investment advisory firm was basically made to provide more personalized and even professional advice to his many clients. This financial expert made his entrance into the financial services in 1993. He has diverse knowledge in retirement planning too which he has used to help his customers bridge the gap between their planning and their retirement period.

According to Richard Dwayne Blair, every person needs a financial plan which is the roadmap to their great destination. He has shared a detailed financial plan that he uses based on 3 main pillars. The first financial pillar is creating a financial path and route to be followed. In this stage, he analyses the strengths, weaknesses, risks, opportunities, goals and the tolerance to risks among others. This not only enables him to develop a lasting relationship with his clients but also develop clear expectations of what his clients want.

The second pillar is developing a strategy. It should be effective and long-term based on the goals and needs of the clients. The third pillar is implementing and monitoring whether the strategy that has been laid is going to work. This is where Richard Dwayne Blair closely monitors the financial goals of the clients and their future expectations.

Jason Hope’s Quest to Aid in Philanthropic Research

Throughout the years doctors and scientist have been trying to research and develop new ways to help fight diseases that will ultimately end a person’s life. But, a charitable organization called SENS Foundation has been trying to fight the root of many of these diseases and with the help of philanthropist and entrepreneur, Jason Hope, they are slower getting closer.

In 2010 Jason Hope donated half a million dollars towards the research done by SENS to help fight the roots of aging and improve the quality of life for people all over the world. Ultimately many diseases and issues that arise in our life is due plainly to aging. With Jason Hope’s donation to the foundation they will be using these funds to research programs to help learn about what causes us to age and how to slow down the process. For example they are trying to figure out how to keep artery cells from bonding which causes high blood pressure.

To most of us, talking about slowing the aging process and prolonging human life sounds like pure fiction, but, that is exactly the type of thinking that founder of the SENS Research Foundation, Aubrey De Grey is trying to counter because he absolutely believes it is possible. Jason Hope praises the work done by Grey and his team of researchers over the years for their ways of helping to fight diseases such as Alzheimer’s. But, what is we could learn how to prevent it all together? What if we could eradicate a terrible disease like this forever?

While most medical research aims to treat diseases, Grey and his team are trying to do more. Their research involves trying to discover the underlying causes for diseases to be able to prevent them from happening at all. This type of research does not only benefit certain classifications of people but every single one of us, world wide. Aging is something that ultimately happens to everyone, but Hope believes that aiding in the research done by SENS Foundation could one day prolong human life by hundreds of years.

Jason Hope does not only limit his donations to just one foundation either. Because he has made a living being an entrepreneur and investor in his life he has donated to more than just anti aging research but also educational non profits also many of which are located locally. This gives Hope the ability to be present in these charities and his work.

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Jason Hope and his contributions to anti-aging research

Jason Hope is a highly acclaimed philanthropist, entrepreneur, futurist, and investor who in 2010 donated $500,000 to the foundation of SENS. Thanks to his contribution, Aubrey de Grey, Co-founder and Chief of SENS (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence Research Foundation) was able to provide the SENS laboratory and put into use a brand new research program that focuses on the disintegration of AGE’s (advanced glycation end products) in the human tissue. AGES is known to be a major cause in aging and deterioration of various diseases like Alzheimer’s, chronic kidney disease, and diabetes which break down the body and causes us to age faster than we should. These diseases affect the way our bodies function and unlike traditional medicine which treats these diseases after they happen, Hope along with SENS focus on stopping them before they even happen.

Hope has also made a named for himself as a competent and proficient futurist using his desire for an understanding of technology to predict the future of where technology will be heading. Based on the developments of today he considers that the loT (internet of things) may very well play a key role in the future of modern society. His advice and visions about technology have been valuable to prevail businesses and individuals who are looking to gain capital on what’s in store on that technology of the future.

In some of his interviews with and, he talks about his grant program where he goes on to say that he understands how hard it is to build a business from an idea for young and aspiring individuals in this day in age. Hope believes that the future of technology lies in the great ideas of young minds and entrepreneurs like him. His advice to all young and inspiring entrepreneurs is to focus on one project at a time.

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Stephen Rotella Strengthens StoneCastle with New Acquisition:

StoneCastle, one of the leading investment advisers for institutional investors, has bolstered its resources with the acquisition of Intermedium Financial, LLC. Intermedium is an insured deposit sweep business that StoneCastle CEO Stephen Rotella said will add value to financial intermediaries and expand the company’s distribution options. The purchase of Intermedium includes the InterLINK FinTech platform. Rotella explained that platform with compliment and augment StoneCastle’s current business technology.


With Intermedium in the fold, StoneCastle can use its sweep insurance capabilities to provide better service for brokerage firms and other financial firms in order to grow their businesses and benefit their clients. This includes expanded broker-dealer services and 401k management. Intermedium uses its software to aid in investments between banks and other financial intermediaries to find stable investments for clients. Rotella said the Intermedium acquisition means StoneCastle will become a force in the insured sweep industry.


Stephen Rotella earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from SUNY-Stonybrook in 1975 before obtaining his Master’s in Finance and Information Systems from SUNY-Albany in 1978. He spent several years with Chase Manhattan, serving as Senior Vice President of Marketing, Finance and Product Development and Executive Vice President of Servicing before moving up to Head of Chase Home Financing and CEO of Chase Home Finance. He later joined WMI Holdings as President of Retail Banking, then COO and President. Along with his business experience, Rotella is deeply involved in charitable and community efforts. In 2015 he was named chairman of the national board of LIFT, an organization that aids families in poverty. Rotella has also served on the boards of YouthCare, ArtsFund, and the Seattle Foundation.