How Domain Names Changed A Life

Writing about people on the Internet can almost feel like writing about mythological creatures. That is why comments on social media outlets are typically nastier than anything that the same person would ever say in person. The one to whom they are speaking is nothing more than a picture. It can be easy to forget that there is a real person to whom you are speaking. The same is true in smear articles that emerge on the Internet. The bloggers forget that their words can be devastating and can ruin a life. This author explained how it happened to him and how he overcame it with domain names.

The Power of A Real Story

This is not some abstract philosophical thought experiment. We are not talking about something that could happen, theoretically. It is something that did happen to Chris Smith. One of his critics apparently started a website using his name just to “take him down a few notches.” Certain cult groups do the same thing after somebody leaves their organization. Online reputation management helped him because he was able to develop a better title that appeared in search engines ahead of the scam artist. He argued that a good domain name can actually improve one’s reputation.

The Power of A Domain Name

First, it is important to find a good title. If the ideal title is already taken, it might be acceptable to knock a few letters off or make a small variation. Dashes are permitted in domain names. You could also consider adding something like your middle initial, a town, a state, or the acronym for your job title. Beyond that, he argues that by using ‘.com’ as a suffix, it will establish credibility. Further, you should consider purchasing a few similar domain names with ‘.net’, ‘.org’ or ‘.us’ and have them all redirect to the primary website.

In the linked article, he shared 10 domain secrets that helped to save his reputation. Online reputation management transcends the world of business. It can impact emotional health, relationships, and your future.