Securus Technologies: Promoting a Secure Environment

Safety is a significant factor in the society that has to be upheld by all means. With increasing criminal activities, measures to monitor civilians and inmates are more than welcome to enforce the law and maintain peace and justice in the society.


Securus Technologies Inc. is a technology company serving law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities all over North America? The firm facilitates communication for detainees, monitors parolees and manages government information. The company is situated in Dallas, Texas, and is keen on providing what matters to consumers. Other regional offices are in Carrollton, Atlanta, and Allen. Securus services are applied in law enforcement to track inmate activities and to foster civil justice.


As a technology company, it is widely used for communication hence enabling police officers and other law enforcement agencies to keep tabs on persons of interest to prevent and mitigate any arising issues related to maintaining the law. The technology is also crucial in investigative activities to shed light on critical matters that need clarification through intensive analysis and monitoring usage of goods and services.


The company is swift in assisting the government in creating a better and safer place to live. The recent acquisition of JPay Inc by Securus technologies was a bold move in improving services offered to correctional facilities. This acquisition enabled Securus to provide state prisons entertainment options, communication via emails, education through applications and electronic payment avenues. All these were made more accessible with the introduction of high-tech tablets at affordable rates.


Securus Technologies Inc. has the largest call center in the region with a capacity of two hundred and twenty seats for employees to use while engaging clients. As a reward for its impeccable performance in providing public safety, Securus technologies was recently honored with an A+ rating and accreditation from Better Business Bureau (BBB). The accreditation came as a result of complying with BBB standards which include, being transparent, honoring promises, being responsive, honest advertisement, building trust, promoting integrity, being truthful and safeguarding privacy.