Goettl Air Conditioning Goes the Extra Mile

Goettle Air Conditioning was founded in 1939 and is still in business, going strong with offices located in Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Tucson. The company was the first to introduce the evaporative air cooling system as well as refrigerated air conditioning to the desert, much to the joy of desert dwellers.


Goettl also likes to make sure that community service is one of the features of their normal operations in addition to providing heating and air conditioning installation, repair, and service, along with air quality control, HVAC for businesses, and plumbing services.


It seems that a local Las Vegas family was doing without a working heating and air conditioning system as well as having a non-working toilet. There were two teenage daughters in the family. Michael Gamst, the manager of the Las Vegas office quickly gathered together several workers and went to visit the family.


They installed a brand-new heating and air conditioning system as well as a working toilet for the family, free of charge. Gamst said that the value of good relationships with the community is an important factor of Goettl’s overall plan and that no family should have to withstand the rigors that this family had been going through.


This all had occurred around Christmas time so the workers at Goettl along with a nonprofit organization called Triple5teens also donated gifts to the family.


The units that were installed were “Zone Controlled Heating” units where each room is temperature controlled. This effects great savings in heating and cooling costs because each room has its temperature control. With this type of system, the whole house doesn’t have to be heated or cooled, but each room can be set for its temperature. This method of temperature control will probably cut the family’s energy costs in half, Gamst reported when asked.