Thor Halvorssen Works With A Purpose

If there is anything that could help a person make a difference in the lives of others, it is having a purpose. Thor Halvorssen definitely has a purpose and works with it. His purpose is to play a part in the fight for a more humane world where every human is treated as equals. Unfortunately, there are many cultures where humans are treated as objects. There are a ton of underdeveloped countries that are ruled by tyrannical dictators. They do everything they can in order to make sure that they have control over even the thoughts of the humans they rule over.

To make things even worse, a lot of those countries are impoverished. Dictatorship governments like North Korea are faced with a famine. The Kim Dynasty has definitely run the country to the ground. Thor is one of the many activists that are working on finding a way to put an end to the rule of the Kim Dynasty. Thor Halvorssen is also working on fighting against the corruption of government so that the people who live under these rules can have the freedom to decide for themselves what they want for their lives.

Among the other issues that Halvorssen is fighting is slavery. There are countries that are still involved in the slave trade and human trafficking. Thor and his Human Rights Foundation are looking for ways to put a stop to all of human rights violations throughout the globe. Thor is doing it with a lot of passion and energy. He is also doing it out of his love for people. He is also trying to change the image of human rights activism from the person who loves to talk about the issues to someone who is willing to take action and even put his neck on the line for the rights of others. for more .

Eliminating Attrocities In Today’s Modern World

In today’s world, there are many atrocities that are a daily occurrence. These include false imprisonments, child trafficking, slavery and many other things that are cruel and inhumane. One person, who is in the fight to assist people to preserve their individual rights, is Thor Leonardo Halverson. Thor at Facebook .

Born in Venezuelan, Mr. Halverson experienced injustice firsthand when, in 1993, his father was falsely accused of money laundering and was beaten and tortured. This was followed, in 2004, with his mother being shot, by government representatives, during a peaceful protest march.

Halverson is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with top honors and degrees in History and Political Science. Throughout his career, he has been active in organizations, such as the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), a U. S. civil liberties organization, and established the Human Rights Foundation of which he is currently president and CEO. This latter foundation was incorporated in 2005.

In addition to being a well-known lecturer, Mr. Halverson is also known for his many films, which he produced or co-produced. All of his films are situations regarding human rights.

A few of these are:

  • The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (currently in production)
  • Freedom’s Fury
  • Hammer & Tickle
  • Indoctrinate U (a documentary)
  • The Singing Revolution
  • The Sugar Babies
  • 2081

Recognized throughout the world for his lifetime devotion to human injustices, Thor has been awarded many honors for his service. These have included the University of Pennsylvania’s Sol Feinstone Award for the protection of student speech and the 2010 Romanian Presidential silver medal to honor the Romanian Revolution of 1989. Click Here for more article.

Mr. Halverson is well known for his writings concerning human atrocities around the globe. A couple of recent ones are:

  • Paraguay is not Honduras: President Lugo’s Impeachment was not a Coup
  • League of Human Rights Defenders, Requiem for Reprobate: Ethiopian Tyrant Should Not be Lionized

All of Mr. Halverson’s articles, films and lectures are dedicated to the purpose of informing the world of the human atrocities taking place in modern society. With the hard work of people, such as him, it is hoped that justice will be provided for everyone throughout the world. for more.

Thor Halvorssen Seeks To Extend The Reach Of The Human Rights Community

The work of the human rights community is not an area where headlines are normally made on a regular basis, but for many the rise of Thor Halvorssen and the Human Rights Foundation have taken the role of activists to an entirely new level of success. The Human Rights Foundation established by Halvorssen in 2005 has become a key part of the work of the human rights activist community and reflects the political position of Thor Halvorssen; a liberal at heart, Halvorssen is not a believer in the need for those who follow a specific form of political ideology to be exempt from the pressure placed on governments with a more right wing approach to life.

Thor Halvorssen comes from one of the most famous political families in Europe and South America as his parents, grandparents, and other family members have occupied some of the most important political positions in Norway and Venezuela. The fact he has studied political science at the University of Pennsylvania seems to have had little effect on his own attitude towards politics with the film producer failing to be interested in politics as a career; instead, Halvorssen simply looks to work with people who have a passion for human rights activism instead of working solely with those who share his liberal views. Thor Halvorssen LinkedIn.

Politics plays a role in the film production work of Thor as the majority of his films have used human rights and the loss of democracy as their basis for building tension. Currently moving into the realm of fiction films by working with director Bryan Singer, Halvorssen made his name as a producer with his work on a number of documentaries largely based on the human rights issues faced by millions of people living in the eastern bloc during the cold war of the 20th century. A further area of interest that combines both the human rights work and political outlook of Thor Halvorssen is his establishment of the Moving Picture Institute that provides financial backing for films being produced about the subject of human rights. for more.