The misjudgment of Beneful

Owning a pet to some, is one of the things that help some people feel good, happy or complete. Being able to live and stay with that pet for a long time is the goal because it becomes part of them in a bond not easily broken. To some, it is a dog. And feeding it well will ensure the long life of the pet. Beneful dog food is one of the renowned dog foods in the U.S working to make this happen. Its quality of feeds for man’s best friend is up to standard, and any dog lover knows what is best for their dog when it comes to nutrition and health. A balanced diet with all the required and necessary products will ensure a long healthy life.

Beneful has been a top-selling dog food brands in the U.S since it was introduced in the market in 2001 by Nestle Purina PetCare. But it has been under criticism from some people and pet food critics for the ingredients used in making their dog food. They claim some of the products used are harmful, poisonous and may lead to the death of the animals. This has eventually brought class action suits against the owner, Nestle Purina PetCare over the issue.

Mr. Purina, however, insists that there is no case and maintains that he will not be the case. The said case has been changed several times since it started and the case lawyers have not produced any test result. Some who were in the case have over the period withdrawn themselves from the indictment.

Dr. Jackson, the Vice President of the company in charge of PetCare Nutrition Research and Ms. Plassmeyer Marketing for the Nestle Purina Petcare Dog Food business, insist that all that the firm is doing is improving the recipe and ingredients used. This is all according to the feedback gotten from the customers of their products. Research is undergoing and plans to reach the entire country is on a plan to ensure that all dog lovers have a companion for the longest time imaginable.

The company will undoubtedly face criticism and challenges before the people know exactly what the company is doing. All in all, the company is doing great and shows that the corporation is well interactive with its clients and has great plans for all dog lovers.


Beneful-The Brand That Has Meaning

If you are an animal lover, then you understand that dogs are more than just creatures who were created second in the food chain to humans. They’re family! You love them and they love you back even more! Your relationship with your dog has meaning as should the food products that you choose for them. Unlike most canine food, the brand Beneful has meaning in its name and product.

The Meaning Behind the Name

How do businesses come up with names for their companies? Most like to use something personal as a name for their business. For example, Jimmy John’s pizza is named after the founder of the company Jimmy John Liautaud. Likewise, Starbucks is named after the owner’s favorite character in Moby Dick. So, where does the name Beneful come from? The definition of their name solely rests on the what the product means to your dog’s health and happiness. The root word “bene” is of Latin origin; which means “to be well”. The suffix “ful” means “to be full of something”. Putting the two together means to “be full of wellness” or “to be healthy”.

The Product Behind the Name

Not only was Beneful created with a positive connotation, but it’s product also supports the wellness behind the name. Beneful dog food contains nutrients such as: rice, wheat, soybean, and meat-concentrates. These elements provide a high level of protein and a low-level fat that helps dogs to stay healthy and live longer.

Beneful is one of the few companies from the beginning that was designed with your pet’s health in mind. From the meaning of their name down to the supplements in their food, Beneful has marketed itself as a product that cares about the wellbeing of your pooch. Reassured that when you choose Beneful, you and your dog will get the brand that has meaning.