Jeunesse proves it’s the best with Luminesce

In a leafy Florida enclave that boasts a gated entrance and a guard shack, in 2009, a retired Florida couple that had grown bored with days of nothing to do founded a new company. The company’s first headquarters was located between a lawn tractor and a gas can in the couple’s four-stall garage. Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis had started the company that would become known as Jeunesse Global.

At first, Ray and Lewis were content just to sell a few health and beauty products that were manufactured by other people. But soon, the couple started taking their fledgling enterprise more seriously. Ray and Lewis knew that they wanted to focus on health and beauty products. They began looking for market niches that were not well addressed by the biggest names in the business. This led to the creation of some of the most innovative and effective health and beauty products to hit the market in decades.

Ray and Lewis were able to use their expertise at product development and recruitment to quickly grow their business. Within its first year, Jeunesse Global had done nearly $1 million in sales. Within five years, the company was selling tens of millions in products and had hundreds of distributors worldwide. Jeunesse Global was quickly becoming a worldwide force within the health and beauty sector.

Through it all, it has been the company’s singular products that have ensured its success. Products like Luminesce, Jeunesse Global’s moisturizer and anti-aging lotion, have driven strong sales across the planet. Luminesce is a leading moisturizer lotion in its own right. When stacked up against the competition, Luminesce performs favorably or at the top of its class in every measure of performance.

But it is the lotion’s anti-aging properties that make it a true innovation. Luminesce is made with Jeunesse Global’s unique APT-200 molecule, developed by the industry’s top scientists specifically for use in Jeunesse products. APT-200 has been shown to eliminate wrinkles, prevent the formation of new wrinkles and restore a youthful suppleness to the skin that is often lost with aging.

Luminesce helps people glow with beauty, all day long.

Heal And Soothe – Relieving Inflammation And Pain Naturally

The process of examining and treating pain is complicated. For the treatment to be effective, the physician has to narrow down to its cause and recommend an appropriate solution. Where they fail to do their due diligence, the process ends up masking the pain which results in persistent discomfort as it keeps recurring. This misdoing can make pain relief resulting from conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and back pain hard to achieve.


When you sustain an injury, the white blood cells respond to fight the intrusion. The body produces fibrin to bar anything from interfering with the healing process. Where its production continues even after healing, inflammation occurs, and arthritis happens. Heal And Soothe contains natural extracts from herbs, trees, and fruits to deliver a unique blend of components meant to diminish inflammation and pain naturally. It is formulated to ease discomfort from arthritis, by breaking down prostaglandins and leukotrienes.


While enzymes are not anti-inflammatory drugs, they serve as biocatalysts. They, therefore, boost the efficiency of different elements in the body. Heal And Soothe’s Systemic Enzyme Therapy combines potent anti-inflammatory ingredients to provide a robust proteolytic formulation. When dealing with back pain, Heal And Soothe offers a systematic enzyme blend to relieve the pain with ingredients commonly found in food.


The proteolytic enzymes in Heal also break down tissue scar tissue and also soothe the body when it is undergoing stress. The calming effect saves the body energy necessary to deal with inflammation. Also, it adds to the body’s repertoire of enzymes thus enabling it to function better. They add to the nutritional supply necessary for the speedy recovery of soft tissues from damage. All these without having to experience any severe side effects. Read This Article for more information.


With the seven years of research that were put in to come up with this authentic proprietary blend, Living Well Nutraceuticals have availed its all-natural ingredients. You, therefore, are relieved off any concerns you may have about the nutritional composition of the formulation. Each of the components making it up has been proven to diminish inflammation and pain on their own. Together, these work even more effectively. Among the ingredients are vitamin E, Serrazimes, citrus bioflavonoid complex, Mojave yucca root, L-Glutathione, Bromelain, papain, devil’s claw extract, turmeric, and ginger among others.


The Heal And Soothe’s Systemic Enzyme Therapy contains no harsh chemicals or preservatives. It abets pain naturally while improving the general health. It neutralizes biochemical processes thus reducing inflammation and counteracting pain to facilitate a quick recovery with minimal side effects.


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Dr. Eric Forsthoefel Emergency Medicine Provider

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel Is a board-certified emergency medicine doctor. Dr. Forsthoefel has been in practice for 6 to 10 years. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel Is affiliated with Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare based in Florida and is 1 of 26 doctors who specialize in the emergency medicine at the Memorial Healthcare facility.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel

Education and Certification

Louisiana State University

2012 – Residency, Emergency Medicine

University of Louisville School of Medicine

2009 – Medical School

Florida State University

2004 – Religion/Religious Studies


American Board of Emergency Medicine

Certified in Emergency Medicine

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel

Medical Practice Specialties

  • Emergency Medicine
  • General Emergency Medicine

Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare

Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare based in Florida was founded in 1948. The healthcare facility is a private not-for-profit healthcare provider serving a 17 County region in North Florida and South Georgia. Dr. Forsthoefel in affiliation with Tallahassee Memorial is fully authorized to admit patients to the hospital if further medical treatment is needed beyond emergency medicine treatment care.

What is Emergency Medicine?

Emergency medicine is the medical specialty dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of uncertain illness or injury. Patients are unscheduled arriving at a healthcare emergency room facility and require immediate medical attention.

Emergency medicine is also known as accident and emergency medicine. Emergency medicine requires a fast-paced team where positions such as Dr. Forsthoefel are experts in diagnosing and managing the healthcare of the patient.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel on Duty

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is an expert in his field with the passion for helping people. Dr. Forsthoefel is faced with various types of medical emergency needs when on duty. Dr. Forsthoefel is highly qualified and trained to act on emergency medical needs with promptness and respect to the patient by acknowledging the patient’s questions and concerns.

Dr. Forsthoefel resides in the state of Florida and ready to provide prompt medical attention to those in need of emergency medicine treatment at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare.