E-Governe – Helps In Facilitating Better Services To The Public

In the Municipality of Teresina will have active participation in enhancing the use of E-Governe system tools. The Teresinense data processing firm manager exhibits the meetings with the agents of the Municipal Health Foundation and also the Municipal Finance department to deal with the services optimization.



The E-Governe System is used by Instituto Curitiba de Informatica. The first and foremost tool of the system focuses on the human resources management. The City Hall wishes to make the expansion of the system to enhance the services to the public.



Mayor Silvio Mendes takes into consideration complete working of the e-Governe system for Teresina. There are tremendous advantages of improving the response to the demands of the population and also the proper analysis of the tips and also recognizing various issues. It is also about monitoring various services facilitated by the municipality.



You need to manage the municipal and state health secretariats which are the most cumbersome work of the public administration. The e-governe health is easier, economical and highly operational. There is the proper amalgamation of the various health care units and a large dental chart. The system allows the appointment scheduling and also to organize the schedules of the professionals. The system eradicates the service queues. This enhances the service quality facilitated to the population.



E-governe helps in controlling the distribution of the stocks of the medicines from the various pharmacies and also the application of the vaccines. It helps in scheduling assessments and consultations. This system also takes care of financial, central ambulance and hospital services. You may utilize the system when it is combined with e-government materials. There are many benefits accomplished by the governments that make use of e-Governe Saude like it helps in streamlining of attendance.



It helps in controlling the patient’s flow from various municipalities and also the management of different financial transfers in an efficient manner. It enhances better and systematic organization of various work procedures. It also keeps a check on the flow of patients in the health units. It enables real magnitude of the various health units. It allows making the programs restructured to constant attention to health.



The system can with ease manage all the revenue gathered, and that includes making some appropriations after publishing the budget. There should be control of the resources from the various quotas. There is some control on the reductions and supplements to make sure there is no raise. It gives subsidies adequate planning about the professional bodies.



E-Governance have got compliance with the various laws which make the process of procurement of the materials highly modernized. This means controlling the suppliers and also making the materials priced and those services that have got great value. The system enables the various units of public administration of the electronic registration of services or materials to the buying segments liable for purchase. The module allows all the institutions to make some request for the materials that are processed and produce the application for purchase that is by the kind of product required.