OSI Food Solutions: A World of Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions is a privately held corporation that came into existence in the year 1909. Otto Kolschowsky founded the company as a family-owned meat market as well as a butcher shop. The company has a chain of historical events that have seen its transformation and strategic growth. Their food production capabilities are offered through custom food processing, including and not limited to meats, vegetables, fruits, and other proteins.

Why is the company referred to as the world of food solutions? Well, OSI Food Solutions is one of America’s top 100 food companies because of its wide range of services as well as the creative and intelligent solutions that they offer for end-user. They ensure efficiency and convenience in executing what they do best. Among the things that they supply include beef, pork, poultry, seafood, pizza, baked goods, produce, and much more to dozens of markets around the globe.

On 25 November 2016, OSI Food Solutions was given an esteemed Globe of Honor Award from the British Council for the excellent management of ecological risks. OSI managed to be among the 18 firms globally to be presented with a Globe of Honor in 2016. Winning such an award is not a walk in the park. OSI has been in operation in the U.K. since 1989 producing beef and pork products.

In the same year, OSI Food Solutions acquired a controlling stake in Baho Food. This is a private Dutch company that is involved in the manufacturing of meat and other food items. It has production facilities in Netherlands and Germany. As it seemed to be a year of many achievements, the organization expanded in Europe by getting Flagship Europe. This is a food supplier situated in the U.K.

OSI Food Solutions has over 65 facilities and 20,000 employees in 17 countries focused solely on making high-quality custom food products. The company’s consistency and dedication have enabled it to gain trust from many of the largest food brands across the globe. Good manufacturing practices, with safety and quality measures being observed by the company, has seen it expand its wings with the latest being their doubling of production. Their Spain branch now has more than 45,000 tons of beef, pork and chicken products. More job creations sprouted through this expansion. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, side dishes, snacks or just appetizers, you can count on OSI Food Production because they never disappoint.

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How OSI Food Solutions is Leading the Meat Production Market

OSI Food Solutions is blazing the trail for the growth of the meat production industry. While OSI is already a global leader in the production and distribution of quality meats, it is on the way to dominating the production of meat throughout the entire world. OSI is setting itself apart from and ahead of the competition with a highly-targeted expansion strategy. Market by market, OSI Food Solutions is growing its reach throughout the world. The company already has over sixty facilities in countries around the world. The company has its greatest foothold in Germany and North America, but that footprint is consistently growing.

The growth that OSI Food Solutions puts into place is highly strategic. The analyst team at OSI is dedicated to analyzing market trends in the meat industry. They look to see where the demand is during any specific season or year. For example, the demand for beef may be up in one country, while the demand for poultry products may be growing in another country. They utilize this data to make recommendations on where to expand and where to focus, as well as where to pull back when demand is decreasing.

One strong example of how this analysis is helping OSI move to the forefront of the meat production industry comes from the increase in demand for poultry products in Spain and Portugal. OSI analysts utilized consumer data to learn that the demand for poultry products in Spain and Portugal was significantly rising. In fact, last year alone the demand grew around eight percent. OSI Food Solutions already had a facility that focused on poultry production located in Toledo, Spain. The facility was already doing particularly well. However, with the entrepreneurial drive that has become the core of OSI’s company culture, management decided to invest $17 million to expand the Spain facility to anticipate the growing demand for poultry products.

The expansion involved adding an additional twenty thousand square feet of space to the facility. The company also invested in a high-capacity production line, the latest and greatest in meat production technology. The new production line will enable OSI to produce twice as many chicken products each year. The facility typically produces 12,000 tons of chicken each year. With the new high-capacity production line, the facility will be able to produce around 24,000 tons every year. This expansion also means that a good deal of new jobs will be coming to Toledo, Spain.

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