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David Giertz Explains How Customer May Improve

David Giertz is one of the finest men in business, and he leads Nationwide in a way that ensures the customers are given the best experience. Someone who is searching for a number of financial services will receive the best care that is possible. This article explains how David Giertz has offered the best service to clients, and he is speaking openly about using social media and the Internet to help.


#1: The Social Media Experiment


The social media services that are offered to a number of clients allow them to get quick answers to their questions. They will be pleased to speak to the company in a place that they are going every day, and it is will faster for them to get the answers they need.


#2: Updating With Technology


David believes in updating customer service with technology, and he knows that many people may reach out to the company easily while they are on social media. The answers come through fast, and many companies such as Nationwide are choosing to use the social media platforms to answer questions and handle service.


#3: Offering Financial Answers


David believes that there are a number of people who need quick answers so that they may make informed decisions, and he will ask his staff to give clients the updates they need in the manner they prefer. Keeping communication open allows each client to feel as though their account has been serviced properly, and they will have access to their answers at any time.


There are many people who are in need of customer service who prefer to use social media. David Giertz of Nationwide is showing that a large company may use social media to make a difference for all clients. Each client has the opportunity to reach out through any platform they like.


Vinny Parascandola Brings Understanding To Insurance Matters

The insurance industry provides a needed service to many people around the world. While many people need insurance, a lot of these people do not understand the insurance industry or all the aspects of insurance. There are numerous problems that can occur for people who do not have insurance when something happens where insurance coverage could have been helpful.


Depending on the particular situation, the lack of insurance can cause an array of problems. In almost all situations related to insurance, one of the main problems that people can have without insurance is being held responsible for all financial expenses related to a situation or event. Financial responsibility for such things as a car accident, medical health problems, home problems, or lost life can result in significant financial cost to an individual.


There are many different expenses that can occur related to any situation. Insurance is something that provides people with multiple areas of assistance. Although many people initially think about the financial aspect of insurance, there are numerous other things where having insurance can benefit people.


Insurance gives people access to professionals who understand a great deal about situations and events that can happen in life. These people can provide advice, recommendations, assistance, financial support, comfort, and a variety of other things during times when situations or events occur in the lives of people that are unexpected and have a negative impact.


AXA Advisors is a worldwide insurance company that helps people around the world with all kinds of situations with the aid of insurance. AXA Advisors has been a well known name in the insurance industry for many decades. There are a lot of reasons why AXA Advisors has been and continues to be a top name in the insurance industry. One of the main reasons why AXA Advisors is a leading insurance company is its willingness to provide outstanding customer service.


The idea of excellent customer service is stressed at every level of AXA Advisors. From senior level management down, AXA Advisors has people who understand the importance of customer service.


One of these people is Vinny Parascandola. An insurance veteran who has been in the insurance industry for close to 30 years, Vinny Parascandola is a senior vice president at AXA Advisors who has great responsibility. One of the things that Vinny Parascandola does on a consistent basis is to help train the professionals who work at AXA Advisors.