How Lime Crime Became The Voice Of Millennial Beauty Lovers

Lime Crime ushered in the new year with a brand new shade for its Matte Velvetines lipstick line. “Scandal” is a deep and moody dark violet that’s sure to fly off the shelves in no time, just like the rest of Lime Crime’s innovative makeup products.


As is the case with all of of Lime Crime’s products, this new shade is sure to set a beauty trend for the coming season. Doe Deere, founder of the company, is used to seeing the effects of her influence on the cosmetics industry. Since 2008, Deere has been dreaming up makeup products in fantastic colors plucked from her unique imagination and watching competing makeup brands attempt to recapture her magic with similar products just months later.


Lime Crime’s Velvetines line was the first of its kind. These liquid lipsticks were formulated with rose petals in mind, and the result is a matte finish which looks identical to rich velvet. The colors mimic different shades of roses. The product is noted by beauty bloggers for its kiss-proof finish that stays put throughout the day.


Following the success of the Velvetines line came the Metallic Velvetines lipsticks. Also a liquid lip product, the finish is matte as well yet has a radiant metallic finish and comes in luscious shades of pinks, reds and purples.


What makes Lime Crime such a success is Deere’s bold vision of a colorful and whimsical world of bright pastels and glitter. With each product, she embraces her inner child and gives other women the permission to do so. She has ushered in a new era for the cosmetics industry which loudly insists that makeup should be fun and deeply self-expressive.


The brand’s unique and whimsical aesthetic has become a huge success. Lime Crime’s products sell out constantly and the company boasts millions of social media followers. Enormous retailers like Urban Outfitters are stocking the brand’s most popular products like the Unicorn Lipsticks which provide a super creamy finish and feature pink metallic packaging with images of unicorns.


This fun and dreamy approach to makeup has ignited the imaginations of young women around the world who anxiously wait for Lime Crime to whip up new and exciting makeup products. The brand now has many copycats, but Deere’s creative vision ensures that she will always be ahead of the trends.

Lime Crime’s Magical New Unicorn Hair Dye

From the company that brought you velveteen lipstick, extraterrestrial glitter glosses, and goddess-named eye-shadow palletes so good you’ll think they’re actually out of mythology– comes a new product just as colorful, just as dazzling, and just as magical. But this time, it’s for your hair.


The new Unicorn Hair Dye from Lime Crime is quite simply, enchanting. This hyper performance semi-permanent dye grants wishes come true with a mane that looks straight from a storybook. Vibrant colors and a graceful fade make it easy and ideal to handle. Likewise, its vegan and directly conditioning properties make it a product that’s not only good for you, but just plainly– good. It’s a formula that’s perfectly equipped for professionals, without being too intimidating to any newcomers.


Unicorn Hair Dye is ready to use, straight out of the jar, no mix-ins or heat applications required. Bleaching for darker hair colors (primarily if wanting to achieve one of the lighter shades) is recommended, but no frying necessary– these richly pigmented shades will shine through without¬†sizzling your hair. Further, intensity and longevity levels are easy to control, and it’s a dye that plays well with others, too! In fact, mixing shades is encouraged.¬†One unicorn mane, coming up!


Channel cotton candy and bubblegum with the pastel pink “bunny”, or soft watercolor sunsets with shades like “neon peach”, “traffic-stopping orange”, or the deep burgundy “chocolate cherry”. “salad” (a seapunk green) and the steely muted blue in “dirty mermaid” are ideal for any oceanic soul or beach goth. For the bold and fashion-forward, there’s an unapologetic electric violet in “pony”, plus “gargoyle”, a sleek stone gray. As with all Lime Crime color possibilities, when it comes to shade selection, that’s just the tip of the iceberg– er, rainbow. With the ability to mix and match shades effortlessly, more magical shades only await curious discovery.