Alex Pall and The Chainsmokers Revolutionize Performance as well as Music

The Chainsmokers are not average EDM artists. Since their breakthrough charter “#Selfie” the New York based duo of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have accomplished much. They have worked with top artists, visited the Billboard Top 100 yearly, and created their own unique brand of music. The two have endeavor to be more than typical EDM DJs and they have succeeded. In 2016 Andrew Taggart took lead vocals for hit single “Closer”, which was major step away from typical EDM. The duos constant involvement in songwriting, and the personalized nature of their songs have also set them apart. All of this is on display in their popular albums, but there is so much more to see in their live performances. Naturally a step up in music value, means a step up in performance value. As most EDM DJs bang their heads behind a booth, letting their mixes do the talking. Pall and Taggart’s more personalized niche requires a more personalized performance.

“A song like “Closer” coming out dramatically changes our shows” Pall declared in a 2016 interview, “There has always been a performance element, but now it gets bigger and bigger”. Taggart’s singing brought him out from behind the booth to engage the audience. This requires poise and spectacle from the performer. Pall and Taggart worked every day with a visualist to create unique content specific to them. Before “Closer” the Chainsmokers were performing their music live, something typical DJs do not do. Taggart’s singing afforded them the ability to transcend even further. “Its something we’re really proud of,” Pall stated, “Moving forward we’re created a festival, a curated show.”

The Chainsmokers have never shied away from innovation. Both DJs avidly working to find identity in a genre full of remixed music. Their efforts to become artists are daily struggles. They continue to push boundaries with their new single “Sick Boy”. The song has a dark message prevalent underneath its sick beat and is representative of an entirely new direction the duo is taking. Once again, this direction will dictate their live performances as well.

The Chainsmokers Following Avicii’s Introduction

The Chainsmokers is an American DJ and production group that was created by Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The duo originated in New York and has performed at many large scale events with artists, including Pharrell. The group would describe their style of music as a blended mixture of indie rock, dance music, hip hop, and pop.

This past Sunday, The Chainsmokers was accompanied by Halsey during the Billboard Music Awards to honor the dear Avicii. Avicii was a Swedish DJ and producer who has inspired many artists today. The Chainsmokers and Halsey educated many viewers at Las Vegas’ Grand Garden about what type of person Avicii was and how his career and passion for his art has affected others in a number of ways. Following Avicii’s introduction, the award for the Top Hot 100 Song of 2018 was presented for the hit, “Despacito”.

The honor was emotional because Avicii committed suicide on April 20th at the age of 28. after struggling with a mental illness. Halsey went on to express how many loved Avicii and how his tragedy should always be a reminder of how much others support us no matter the struggles that we face internally. Louis Fonsi was able to accept his award on his behalf.

The Chainsmokers later dedicated their award for the Top Dance/Electronic act to Avicii. The duo believes that his influence has helped them become one of the best duo’s today. They thanked him for being a muse for their success and hoped that he has gained peace. Although Avicii is gone, he will never be forgotten due to the fact that Avicii has some unreleased music that may still be released according to the president of Geffen Records. He will continue to be an influence to many aspiring artists in the industry and his legacy will live on forever.

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