Dr. Mark McKenna’s success in launching OVME

Dr. Mark McKenna, MD, MBA doctor in surgery and medicine and is licensed with the Georgia and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners. He is currently serving the community. Dr. Mark McKenna a passionate and patient doctor. Dr. Mark McKenna was born and nurtured in the New Orleans, LA. Dr. Mark McKenna attended the Tulane university medical school. Immediately after completing his education, he joined his father to grow his professional. While serving with his father, Dr. Mark McKenna simultaneously started the McKenna Venture which is a boutique business dealing in real estate developments. As the years went on, Dr. Mark McKenna acquired and launched other companies like Uptown Title, Inc and the University Mortgage Lending. The companies grew successfully to over fifty employees and offered finance, real estate closing services, and turnkey design services.

Most of Dr. Mark McKenna’s profits were affected and destroyed by the 29th August 2005 disaster brought by the Hurricane Katrina which invaded the New Orleans. After the catastrophe, Dr. Mark McKenna participated to a great extent in rebuilding New Orleans by rebuilding other new housing quarters that were moderately low in cost. Dr. Mark McKenna later relocated to Atlanta GA, in the year 2007 and began the ShapeMed. ShapeMed is a company dealing with wellness and aesthetic practice in medicine. ShapeMed was later in November 2014 acquired by Life Time Fitness Inc where Dr. Mark McKenna served in the position of the National Medical Director until the year 2016.

Dr. Mark McKenna founded the company OVME in the year 2017 where he acts as the CEO of the company. Dr. Mark McKenna was driven to launching the company by his ten-year medical experience in the same field. OVME is a company that majors in reinventing healthcare through medical aesthetics that are consumer facing and technology enabled. Dr. Mark McKenna has also joined several New Orleans based organizations such as New Orleans Industrial Development Board and New Orleans Jazz Festivals. Dr. Mark McKenna married Gianine McKenna and is a father to a single daughter Milana Elle who is four years and a Pomeranian Ryder.