Dr. Mark Mofid leads research of safer plastic surgery methods

Dr. Mark Mofid is known in the cosmetic medical community for being a top plastic surgeon. He has the best training as a medical practitioner having attended the Harvard University and the John Hopkins University School of Medicine. When he engages in medical talks, he definitely knows what he is talking about. Dr. Mark Mofid has proved that he is not only a medical practitioner but an industry innovator.

Dr. Mofid has earned the trust of many people by due to his adherence to medical safety regulations and good reputation. His priority is always the safety of his clients. No matter how much you are ready to pay, he will not give any treatment as long as the clients are not safe to receive the implant. One of the industries that have been a headache top the industry is gluteal augmentation. Many patients normally ask for larger implants, but Dr. Mark Mofid is never willing to do such a thing. He only engages in what he knows is safe for the client.

Dr. Mofid is constantly looking for new solutions to the needs of the industry since it is still in its early days. When Dr. Mark Mofid joined the industry 8 years ago, he found that there was so much to be done in the industry. For many years, the industry has been affected by numerous claims of malpractice and medical accidents which have affected the reputation of the industry. Mofid is starting a revolution that aims at bringing new safer methods of conducting these procedures. Mark Mofid greatest innovation so far is creating a new implant which has and made gluteal augmentation safe. The new implant does not leave sagging muscles as it used to happen with other implants.

Many implants which have been used previously were generic and not compatible with the human body. Despite the numerous cases that have been reported in the past, the industry is about to change due to the input of Dr. Mark Mofid and others. Although the modern solutions are superior, they need to be low risk and advance the needs of the industry.


Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a leading cosmetic surgeon in Dallas. Throughout her career, she has worked diligently to meet the needs of clients. She graduated from college early and went to medical school. While in medical school, she learned about the emerging field of plastic surgery. She worked diligently and graduated at the top of her class. After several years of working in a hospital, she opened a business.


One of the reasons for the success of Dr. Jennifer Walden is how she treats patients. Plastic surgery is a huge decision for anyone. Some people wrongly believe that cosmetic surgery is only for people who want to look and feel younger.

There are numerous medical applications of cosmetic surgery. Dr. Jennifer Walden works with patients across various spectrums. She always puts the patient first in her practice. When looking at her online reviews, it is easy to see that patients feel like she genuinely cares about their health.


When Dr. Jennifer Walden opened her practice, some people questioned her decision. Opening a practice takes a ton of time and energy. She was tired of working at a hospital, especially since she did not get to interact closely with patients. The first few years of her business were tough. She had to advertise her services regularly to find new customers.

Due to her hard work, Dr. Jennifer Walden is a leader in the field of cosmetic surgery today. Anyone who wants to make an impact in the medical field should follow her example. She spends both time and money helping children in the local community.