Robert Deignan-Not Your Average CEO!

Whether it’s competing and winning in the 79th Silver Sailfish Derby or spending time in the outdoors with his family, Robert Deignan crams a lot into his busy schedule.

Graduating in 1995 from Purdue University, Robert earned a Bachelors Degree in Business Management, then went on to play professional football for a few years with the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets. His understanding of sports encouraged him to start his first company when he co-founded Fanlink, which connected sports fans to their favorite players.

After a few years, his entrepreneurial spirit led him and his business partners to create ATS Digital Services, LLC, a company designed to help ordinary people and businesses solve any and all of their computer issues. As the CEO and co-founder of ATS Digital Services, LLC, he works hard to keep technology as irritation free for his many customers, while staying abreast of the ever changing tech advances and challenges. The company list of services covers any technological problem that might come up, such as network issues, security breaches or simply needing repair. They also service not only computers, but cell phones and tablets too. Digital storage is another great service that they offer. Their company covers it all.

Asked how he comes up with his entrepreneurial ideas, Robert explains that he gets his inspiration while enjoying the great outdoors, far away from the computer or phone. It can happen during a quiet cup of coffee on the porch, or it might also happen while snowboarding in Colorado. Either way, nature gets his creative juices flowing. After taking some quick notes, he’ll work more extensively on his ideas when he gets back to his computer.

Born in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and currently residing in the Miami area with his wife and son, Robert Deignan enjoys sport fishing out on the Atlantic whenever he can.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Announces Changes To Presidential Position At Bradesco

Earlier this year, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the standing chairman of Bradesco recently came forward to announce that the company had finally selected its new President after much consideration and discussions. The reason Bradesco was put into a situation of choosing a new President of the company was that they had to fill out the position that was previously held by Trabuco.

Before becoming the chairman of the company, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was serving as the President of Bradesco. While he served in the position for several years, the company was in need of a person to take over as the chairman. However, Bradesco has a rule that only allows a person to hold one position within the company, rather than multiple, which is why Trabuco had to give up his previous post in exchange for the new one that he was taking over. This, however, meant that Bradesco would have to choose a new person to be their President, which is what the announcement that Trabuco made was regarding.

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According to the announcement, Luiz Carlos Trabuco stated that Octavio de Lazari would be taking over as the President of Bradesco. It was an announcement that people in the banking and financial industry were waiting for, owing to the impact that Bradesco has on the economy and the field as a whole. The board of directors were the people in charge of making this decision and were the ones that choose Octavio to take up this important position within the company. Octavio de Lazari had been serving as the CEO of Bradesco for several years before and had an incredible amount of experience when it comes to the field of finance and banking according to His impact on the company as a whole was incredible and was something that would greatly benefit the overall workings of the company. Having been a part of Bradesco for such a long time was another factor that contributed to the decision of making him the President of Bradesco.

Octavio was asked to take on the position, but would only be allowed to start performing his duties post the shareholders meeting at the company. Because of this rule, the company had a period wherein there was no president of the company. Because the President is one of the essential roles within a company, Trabuco was asked if he could take over both the roles, thereby ensuring efficiency at the company.

Trabuco has been working at the company for an incredibly long time and has contributed to the development of Bradesco in more ways than one. He has served at the position of President of Bradesco and has also taken up the position of CEO at the company in the past. He has been able to function incredibly well at all of these positions and has proven to the company and the industry that he can lead a company of this size and standard. Under his guidance, Bradesco has grown extensively and stood as the number one name in the country.

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Eric Lefkofsky Caring for Others

Eric Lefkofsky is a successful business owner who is on the leading edge of cancer research. He co-founded Tempus Labs, which is a company that focuses on cancer research. Cancer is a terrible diagnosis for most people to deal with. However, with new technology in the medical field, the odds of survival are much higher than in the past.

The cost to treat cancer is also declining. At Tempus Labs, Eric Lefkofsky focuses on helping people fix their medical issues. He is not interested in making money, but he wants to help as many people as possible. Eric Lefkofsky is a successful entrepreneur who uses his business experience to grow Tempus Labs.

Past Experience

Eric Lefkofsky wanted to become a successful business owner when he was young. He decided to attend college and get a degree in business. While he was in college, he also studied the medical industry. He noticed a tremendous opportunity to make a positive difference. At the time, medical technology was stagnant.

After graduating from college, he started a business in the foodservice industry. He learned valuable lessons during this process. Eric Lefkofsky founded several companies before he had success. Once he developed multiple streams of income, he turned his attention to helping others.

Lifestyle Changes

Eric Lefkofsky wants to reduce the odds of people developing cancer. Although cancer treatments have significantly improved, prevention is still the best choice. Few people concentrate on improving their daily health habits.

By eating a diet full of natural food, most people can drastically reduce their odds of developing cancer. Regular exercise is also a proven way to live a healthy lifestyle. Eric Lefkofsky is excited about the future of Tempus Labs. Not only is the company growing, but he is helping more people than ever before.

The Accomplished Duda Melzer

Duda Melzer’s Background & Career Highlights

In business and investing, it certainly takes special individuals with special talents to become successful in this industry. When we take into account how demanding and challenging this industry is, it is no surprise that we do not see too many ultra-successful professionals from this field. While there have been many successful investors in the entire history of this industry, perhaps none have been as impressive and as impactful as Duda Melzer has been in his career. As a significant figurehead in business and investing, Duda Melzer Founder has become one of the more prominent professionals of all time. With plenty of experience to his credit, there really isn’t anything that he has not achieved in his career. In many ways, Duda Melzer is as accomplished as it gets as a professional investor. Having said all of that, there is still so much more to Duda Melzer and his successful ways. So, to get a better sense of what he does and how he has achieved so much, here is more on Duda Melzer Founder and his highlights in investing. You can visit clicrbs to know more.

More on Duda Melzer and Career Accomplishments

Worth repeating, there are many ways Duda Melzer has achieved the level of status he has today. As a true professional in investing, Duda Melzer has diversified his investment portfolio into many different areas. In fact, his brilliant investment skills have earned him recognition and awards such as entrepreneur of the year and a Merit in Business award. As impressive as that is, what is even more impressive is the fact that he is not done with contributing to his career resume. With the way things have gone for him in the past, there is no denying that he will continue to succeed as a prominent professional in the business industry. Follow their Twitter page.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Identifies Technological Illiteracy As Major Challenge For Brazil

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is slated to take over as chairman of the board of directors of Bradesco, one of the country’s largest private banks. In being asked what the major challenges for the bank will be over the next decade, he answered that one of the biggest problems facing not just Bradesco but Brazil as a whole is the large number of people who are still not reliably able to connect to the internet.

Trabuco Cappi has stated on, in an advanced, tech-based economy, as the one in Brazil is rapidly becoming, having large swathes of the population without the means to connect to the internet or even use a computer is a huge disadvantage. Beyond that, says Trabuco Cappi, it creates a terrible structural problem, severely hindering the productive capacity of entire sectors of the workforce.

One of the ways that Trabuco Cappi has suggested getting around this systemic problem throughout Brazil is by having companies create special programs for those who are not currently able to get online to get the devices, infrastructure and technical skills necessary to bring them up to speed with the 21st century.

Although there have not been any concrete statements made by the bank itself, many close to Bradesco believe that the bank may soon start running some kind of special promotion to get its estimated 13 million customers who are not online the help they need to begin living a connected life.

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Connecting to the internet in Brazil was expensive just a decade ago. But over the last ten years, the costs associated with connecting online, even in the most remote regions, has plummeted enormously. This means that the only real barrier to getting people online and learning to handle their business through web-based applications and services is the will to do so.

Trabuco Cappi explains that the bank wouldn’t just be doing its customers a favor by seeing to it that they were able to connect online. On the contrary, Bradesco, as one of the earliest adopters of high-tech banking solutions, has long been collecting extensive data on the cost differentials between brick-and-mortar activities and those handled online as well as the savings associated with well-designed web applications. In some cases, encouraging customers to use web-based banking services in lieu of in-person services can save the bank as much as 90 percent. Currently, the bank estimates that 13 million of its 27 million customers are not able to access online banking services at all. This means that the cost reductions could be potentially huge, should Bradesco find a feasible way to bring all of those 13 million clients online.

While nothing concrete has been laid out, it would be a good bet to expect such initiatives to take a leading role at the bank over the next ten years. As Trabuco Cappi eases into the role of chairman of the board and begins directing the bank’s broad strategies, many analysts say that shareholders can expect the bank to take an even more tech-heavy approach to its business. Trabuco Cappi has long been one of the staunchest advocates of the adoption and development of high-tech solutions. That is unlikely to change anytime soon.

It is already widely rumored that his replacement as CEO will be the bank’s current chief IT officer, Mauricio Minas. The 56-year-old has been with the bank for just five years. But over that time, he has done more than any other employee to ensure that Bradesco ranks among the most technologically advanced banks in all of Brazil.

Regardless of who is ultimately appointed, it is a good bet that Bradesco, under Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s strategic leadership, will keep betting on tech.

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Richard Mishaan Design and Memorable Interior Design

Richard Mishaan is known for being among the planet’s finest designers and architects. Richard Mishaan’s architecture and interior design abilities are considered by many to be world-class in quality. People all over the world admire his breathtaking artwork. Mishaan lives in New York, New York. He comes from Colombia in South America. That’s where he was reared. He had an undeniable enthusiasm for architecture and design when he was extremely young. Richard Mishaan attended two prominent institutions of higher learning in the United States. These were New York University and the Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation. Both of these schools are located in the Big Apple.

Richard Mishaan is at the helm of a full-service firm that’s known simply as “Richard Mishaan Design.” This is a one-of-a-kind agency that finds attractive and memorable components in any and all things. The team at this firm has comprehensive expertise in diverse topics such as landscape architecture, interior design and architecture in general. People who want to learn how to put together captivating, fresh and visually appealing interior spaces can get a lot out of the insight this design firm offers. This company specializes in interior design schemes that can accommodate all types of preferences. If you’re interested in interior designs that are reminiscent of the past and of all things classic and enduring, Richard Mishaan and his team members can come through for you. If you have a dedication to interior design elements that are 100 percent updated and contemporary, this firm can help you with the same exact degree of intensity and skill and learn more about Richard Mishaan.

This firm has exhaustive collections that cover all of the bases. It gives people many high-quality choices in accessories, art pieces and even lighting products. If you’re looking for stunning illumination options, this company can help and resume him.

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Todd Lubar: CEO and President of TDL Ventures

Todd Lubar is one of the most prominent business entities based in the United States. Todd Lubar is also considered as one of the most proficient real estate agents who has always strived to become part of the solution to the problems facing most of his clients in the real estate industry. For this reason, working with him always yields the most sophisticated business results in a manner that is not depicted in the industry. Todd Lubar is also the CEO and Founder of the Legendary Investment Company that seeks to develop fascinating solutions in the entertainment industry.

Todd Lubar is an entrepreneur and businessman who has always strived to solve the problems that face his clients in many ways to develop better business solutions. For over two decades, Todd Lubar has worked to solve the problems facing the real estate industry with a myriad of solutions for the epidemical capabilities. Todd Lubar is also ranked as the only real estate entity who worked real estate industry with the highest level of success in solving the problems that face his clients. Todd Lubar also works to solve the problems that affect most of his clients in the real estate industry. Aside from the real estate industry, Todd Lubar has also worked in other industries that develop better business solutions for the mortgage industry as well as mortgage banking industry. For all these industries Todd Lubar has worked, he has always strived to become the solution for all problems facing his customers. This is the reason why his services are adopted on a massive scale.

The idea about TDL Ventures came when Todd Lubar wanted to get a new way of solving problems in the mortgage industry. Because he had worked in that industry for over one decade of professional experience, he understood the problems facing the clients as well as how to make the services better in his new venture. Therefore, he went on to develop a new entity that works to solve most of the problems facing his clients. Todd Lubar starts his day by taking breakfast with his kids before setting off for the gym for a powerful workout. Check out Todd Lubar’s full profile on

Logan Stout, The Force Behind IDLife

Logan Stout is a man with many hats, and several titles to his name, due to his success as an American entrepreneur, CEO of IDLife (Individually Designed) and a professional baseball player.

The 38-year-old author and entrepreneur developed a love for sports in high school, where he joined the Student Athletic Council, and further participated in the varsity baseball and played in World Series events. At the age of 25, Logan Stout was already a millionaire after venturing successfully in businesses, and having graduated in Psychology and Business administration, an indication that he is an overachiever.

Despite all the wealth and success, Logan Stout still appreciates the society, and as a result, his philanthropic side is seen through the establishment of the Dallas Patriots Organization-a baseball organization that mentors young talents to succeed like him. Most of the youths that play in the organization have gained an opportunity to participate in the college level sports. The Dallas Organization also provides its members with instructors, coaches, mentorship, and training. Logan has written books on leadership that will inspire generations to come with leadership skills like the ‘Secret of Building Yourself, People and Team’.

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In addition, as a psychologist, he appreciates the importance of healthy living and fitness, and for this reason, he established the IDLife in 2014.This is a health and wellness company that operates through network marketing, from the manufacturer to the consumer with no middle men involvement. IDLife deals with a wide range of health supplements, that touch on every component of the health such as weight loss, skin care products, sleep aids, among others.

The exponential growth of IDLife like the million dollar revenue, and the merge with the Garmin International that shares the same concept of health and fitness, is an indication that Logan is propelling its success in the right way. The merger will ensure that a bigger market base is reached and thus millions will benefit from innovative products and a healthier lifestyle. In addition, under Logan’s leadership, IDLife has gained recognition among the top 100 multi-level companies in America.

Tim Armour: Warren Buffet’s Investment Strategy is not Watertight

Tim Armour has questioned one of Warren Buffet’s investment strategies. Armour has challenged Buffet’s confidence in passive index fund investments. Buffet had bet $ 1 million dollars on the fact that he would get better returns by investing in a Passive Index S&P 500 Fund than in a group of hedge managed funds. Tim feels that though Buffet might win that bet, his investment strategy is not watertight. It also carries a serious investment risk just like mutual funds. It is, thus, not wise to follow Warren Buffets investment strategy blindly. A careful assessment of the fund’s performance in the past is necessary.

Tim agrees with Buffet on the fact that thousands of mediocre mutual investment funds that shortchange investors exist. However, before taking the risk and investing in Passive Index funds, it is important also to note that there also exemplary funds that yield good returns for investors. What matters most, therefore, is a careful analysis of an investment. One of the factors to consider while investing should be if the managers of the fund in question have themselves invested in it. The other consideration should be the fund’s expenses. It is wise to invest in low expense funds whose managers have invested heavily alongside other investors in the fund. Investment risk is everywhere, and passive index funds are not always safe as Buffet posits and learn more about Tim.

Tim Armour

Tim Armour is an experienced investor with more than 35 years’ experience in equity and financial investments. Currently, he is the CEO and chair of Capital group, a global investment firm. He was elected the chairperson and chief executive officer of the group in the year 2015 after the demise of the company’s founder. Tim joined the capital group back in the year 1982 through its associate’s program. He has served in various positions at Capital Group, including an equity investment analyst. Before joining the Capital group, Tim had studied Economics at Middlebury College and more information click here.

Tim has expressed optimism on the post-Trump market changes. He has noted that after trump’s election markets have witnessed faster growth and interest rates have soared. The Trump changes seem to have startled the markets. The markets now appear to be waking up from the distress of the 2008 global financial crises. Tim states that he is confident that Capital’s Strategic partnership with Samsung Asset Management will be a viable venture. He expected the funds specifically designed for the Korean markets would be productive. Regarding the 2015 sell-off triggered by China’s economic woes, Tim says that the move was expected and healthy. He says that this form of market correction removes excess money from pockets and Tim on Facebook.

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The Accomplishments of Clay B. Siegall in the Pharmaceuticals Sector

Clay B. Siegall is a renowned science expert who has spent most of his career conducting research on cancer and genetics. He holds a Ph.D. in Genetic from the George Washington University. Siegall has had a successful career as a researcher, and he is the co-founder of Seattle Genetics. He currently acts as the president of the corporation. Seattle Genetics was established in 1998, and its primary goal is to conduct research, develop new drugs, and also make unique scientific discoveries. Clay has been striving to ensure that the company develops the best medications that can be used in curing cancer. He has been guiding the business in the development and manufacture of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). Seattle Genetics created its first FDA-licensed drug in 2011, and it was known as ADCETRIS®. The company has currently partnered with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company to distribute the drugs in more than 65 countries where it is accepted. Clay has been leading the researchers at his firm in developing better ADCs.


Dr. Seigall has led Seattle Genetics in manufacturing and supplying its drugs across the globe by ensuring that it acquires all the strategic licenses that are required. The major drugs that are sold the firm include AbbVie, Genentech, GlaxoSmithKline, and Pfizer. The company has managed to generate profits of more than $350 million from the supply of its ADCs. Its top notch technology has been used in the manufacture of 20 different types of ADCs. The company has been partnering with various pharmaceutical corporations to assist in the external production of its drugs. The financing strategies that have been established by Clay Siegall have enabled Seattle Genetics to secure over $1.2 billion from investors.


Before the establishment of the Seattle Genetics, Clay served at various leading pharmaceutical firms. His first job was at the National Cancer Institute, and after a few years, he got a better position at Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. He has also served on the boards of Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, Washington Roundtable, and BioPharmaceutica. Siegall is passionate about his research work and holds over 15 patents for his innovations. He also owns over 70 publications that are used for academic and professional reference.